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Alwyn Hamilton in Poznan!

A desert climate, a world full of magic and dangerous, mysterious beasts, people living under the Sultan’s rule, and Amani – an extremely determined rebel. Fans of fantasy novels, does it sound familiar? If a joyous cry has emerged from your throats, you know perfectly wellthe next guest of the Literature Section. Yes, it’s Alwyn Hamilton, a Canadian writer, author of the renowned series Rebel of the Sands.

From Toronto to London, a few words about Alwyn

Alwyn was born in Toronto, later her parents settled in France. She spent her childhood traveling between Europe and Canada. From France, she moved to study at the Cambridge University, where she studied history of art, then lived in London and worked at the auction house. She claims that as a person who often moves, she has a bad habit of buying too many books (someone else has felt the bond right now?). She grew up in a small town, so she began to read and write about other places out of boredom, this is how she liked the fantasy genre and heroines who dress up as men.

Rebel of the Sands

The title character of the cycle created by Alwyn, does not want to let others decide about her life, she makes up her mind to escape from her town and from the care of her despotic uncle. She sets off through the dangerous sands of the desert and… finds herself right in the middle of the revolution.

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Filolog z przypadku, leń z natury. Jeśli nie musi, to piechotą nie chodzi, ale ujdzie w tłoku. Zdarza się, że coś jej chodzi po głowie, chociaż nigdy przed 9 rano. Za to jej miłość do seriali przechodzi ludzkie pojęcie. Lubi chadzać swoimi ścieżkami, mimo że radzą jej raczej pójść po rozum do głowy.