Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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American creator at Pyrkon! WholeWheatPete to visit Poznań!

Hey all you manga and anime fans! Have you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite YouTubers live? The tentacles of the Manga and Anime Zone reached deep into their magical bag of ideas and once again pulled out something, or in fact, someone, not yet seen at Pyrkon! If you watch foreign YouTube channels, you’ve surely come across WholeWheatPete’s video more than once. What brings him to our Convention? Check it out below!

Who exactly is WholeWheatPete?


Pete is a content creator from America working on YouTube, Twitch and TikTok platforms, who mainly creates short videos of several minutes and cosplays, parodying popular anime series. He also plays games such as Genshin Impact and Osu!, but also the widely known and loved Lethal Company. He can also be caught posting videos about his private life and adventures. 

But most importantly, WholeWheatPete not only speaks English, but also Polish and Spanish. He even mentioned that his roots are in Poland, and more specifically, he has family in Warsaw!

The phenomenon of the NEZUKO CHAN series

He has garnered a wide audience on his channels – 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.8 million watchers on TikTok and nearly 50,000 on Twitch. His most popular videos have become those in the NEZUKO CHAN series, bringing him as many as 22 million views on YouTube alone! All this magic happens thanks to his short, viral and humorous parodies, which he records at conventions. You have to admit that Pete does a great job of portraying the characters he plays in the videos, but be warned, it may hurt to watch the footage below. 👀

NEZUKO CHAN~ (Original)

We ship Nezuko and Zenitsu!! 💜 Follow me on Twitch! 💜 💙 Follow me on Twitter! 💙 Zenitsu IRL video – Subscribe for more Nezuko Chan~ Videos!!!! #nezukochan #zenitsu #wholewheatpete

There will certainly be no shortage of laughter, interesting stories and an amazing atmosphere.

Pyrkon is coming!

So if you’ve been wondering what WholeWheatPete could offer you in the real world, now is your chance to check it out! Visit the Manga and Anime Zone at Pyrkon, meet our guest speaker and simply have a great time! (You’ll earn extra points for appearing in Nezuko’s cosplay from Demon Slayer!). Who knows, maybe you can get featured in one of his viral videos!

Ready? In that case, see you there! And if you haven’t had a chance to meet him so far, it’s a good time to go check out his platforms:

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