Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Build your own … unicorn? Piotr “Gore” Rybak and Klockorożec at the LEGO Fan Zone!

The weekend of Pyrkon can be intense – there are so many attractions to see, games to play and people to meet that even the greatest fandom veterans may need a break. Why not take a moment to do something creative and relaxing? For example let your imagination run wild and create an amazing building in the LEGO Fan Zone with Piotr “Gore” Rybak and his Klockorożec?

Meet the Brick Specialist – Piotr “Gore” Rybak

Piotr is a LEGO builder and influencer whose passion led him all the way to participating in the second edition of LEGO MASTERS POLAND. In his view, it is creativity and imagination that are the most important elements of any construction. On his social media channels, where he goes by the moniker “Bricks Of Gore,” he publishes his own projects and reviews official LEGO sets.

Rest, challenge and bricks!

In the LEGO Fan Zone, Piotr will prepare a unique space where you can relax and unleash your creativity. Plenty of bricks are waiting for you, as well as contests and challenges, whose participants will have a chance to win – of course – LEGO bricks.

It’s all done under the banner of proprietary creative workshop LEGO® project, Klockorożec.

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