Fan Convention 16.06.2023 Poznan
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Christopher Judge to come to Pyrkon!

The Movies and TV Series Section has some breaking news in stock for you – visiting this year’s Pyrkon is the one and only Christopher Judge! It’s the actor’s first visit to Poland. What is more, he will be available to the fans throughout the entire 3 days of the convention.

Our guest’s many achievements

Christopher Judge, Pyrkon 2019, Festiwal Fantastyki Pyrkon Christopher Judge is best known for his role in the Stargate TV series and the movies set within this universe. He was the one portraying Teal’c – a genetically modified warrior from the planet of Chulak. His character was the one to be featured in the highest number of episodes of the series. In 2002, he was nominated for the Saturn award in the “best supporting actor in television” category. He also starred in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” movie, playing Bane’s mercenary security guard.

Christopher Judge’s portfolio also includes dubbing parts. The most well-known of all of them is of course Kratos from the “God of War” video game. In addition to voice acting, our guest also provided the character with his movements, using the motion capture technique. “World of Warcraft” and “StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void” fans also got to hear Christopher Judge’s voice.

Not only fans of films, TV series or computer games, but also animation enthusiasts know the guest of this year’s Pyrkon. He dubbed among others Magneto himself in “X-Men: Evolution”, Plato in “Adventures from the Book of Virtues” or coach Simon Gray in “Action Man”. Currently, you can hear him dub the remake of “Wacky Races”, where he voices Brick Crashman.

Christopher Judge and his road to acting Christopher Judge, Pyrkon 2019, Festiwal Fantastyki Pyrkon

Douglas Christopher Judge, born and raised in Los Angeles, always knew that he wanted to be an actor, wanting to invoke feelings in others that he was receiving from the shows. He realized quickly that sports would be the stepping stone to an acting career.

During his education at University of Oregon, Judge had a successful football career and won numerous awards. While at Oregon, Judge was a pre-medical major, then he changed it to psychology, and then to telecommunications and film, with a minor in psychology. In his senior year, he won a regional contest to host the West Coast Fox KLSR Morning Show, an “MTV talk show-type thing”; he used this experience to get an agent and move to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.