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Comic Books Zone at Pyrkon – you will have a fantastic time there!

The Pyrkon Comic Books Zone is where all fans of the written word and illustration will find countless attractions related to comic books art. It is here, during this year’s convention, that you will have the opportunity to attend meetings with the greatest comic book artists and learn the secrets of comic book creation. Meetings with authors, panel discussions, lectures and workshops – these are just some of the attractions that await you in the Comic Books Zone!

The greatest comic artists at Pyrkon

Foreign Guests

This year we will host four amazing Foreign Guests, whose names command respect and recognition in the comic book world. Here they are:

  • David Lloyd – illustrator of the “V For Vendetta” comic book, who also worked on the Hellblazer series, Aliens, Global Frequency, War Stories and many other projects.
  • Eleonora Carlini – an Italian illustrator and comic book writer, made her debut in the United States in 2015, working for several publishers such as Zenescope Entertainment (Grimm Tales of Terror) and Titan Comics (Doctor Who), before moving on to work with DC Comics.
  • Olivier Ledroit – comic book artist, known for his work on the Black Moon Chronicles series, has also worked on graphic design for the Might and Magic series and the Requiem Chevalier Vampire and Sha titles.
  • Fernando Dagnino – his portfolio spans a diverse range of genres, from superhero adventures to science fiction and fantasy, and has worked for DC Comics on such series as Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Young Titans, Justice League and Suicide Squad Legion.

Our guests are preparing for you a phenomenal discussion panel dedicated to DC Comics. No doubt you can also look forward to Q&As with our amazing artists – you can start coming up with the questions you want to ask them already!

Polish comic artists

Of course, the Comic Books Zone must also include Polish comic artists! The list of notable Invited Guests of Pyrkon 2024 will include:

  • Bartosz Sztybor – by day the director of comic book narration and animation at CD PROJEKT RED, author of scripts for various things with pictures (comics, series, films) by night. He has written a number of comic books in the “The Witcher” and “Cyberpunk 2077” series, and produced and wrote the script for the anime “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.” 
  • Michal “Śledziu” Śledziński – co-founder and editor-in-chief of comic-related magazines “Produkt” and “P-Lux” and the “Azbest” zine. Author of a series of comic books: Osiedle Swoboda, Fido i Mel, Strange Years, KDP, Czerwony Pingwin musi umrzeć! Na szybko spisane, Wartości rodzinne. 
  • Karol “KRL” Kalinowski – Polish cartoonist and comic scriptwriter, author of comic books: “Łauma”, “Kościsko”, “Zielony Lis Paskal” or “Liga Obrońców Planety Ziemia”. 
  • Mateusz Godlewski – a student of information space architecture at the University of Warsaw. He was previously associated with Radio ESKA, PDF Magazine and Radio Kampus, among others. His interests include pop culture with an emphasis on comics and animation.
  • Kacper Wilk – cartoonist and animator of “Ćma”. A student at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology at the Department of Graphic Design / New Media Arts who is in the process of creating a multimedia comic book as his main undergraduate project.
  • Tomasz Grodecki – the originator and screenwriter of “Ćma” nominated for the “Nowa Fantastyka” Award in the Polish Comic of the Year category. 
  • Rafał Janko – creator of the comic series “Mięcho”, one of the cartoonists of “Ćma”. He made his contribution to the “Hootin Pooy” comic book. Student of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
  • Piotr Czarnecki – tests games by day, writes comics after hours. Screenwriter of the “Incognito” series, published by Sol Invictus Komiks, the webcomic “CosmoChris” and the zines “Stworzeni” and “Król Karaczan”.
  • Łukasz Ciżmowski – comic book illustrator, horror fan, game master, convention drifter . Professionally, he draws hamsters for Wałbrzych libraries. Creator of the “Gobblyn” series, cartoonist and co-author of the superhero series “Incognito: Niesamowity przypadek Pawła K.”.
  • Mateusz Skutnik – Gdansk-based creator of comics and games. Creator of comic book series: Rewolucje, Blaki, Morfołaki.
  • Jan Skarzyński – the artist is not only a comic book creator and illustrator, he is also an enthusiast of drawing and painting on paper. As an independent author, he has published comic books, among others: “Mścibór Potężny” (2018), “Martysia Mściborówna” (2020), “Pod prastarą gruszą” (2023), as well as the series of “Gałgan” issues,
  • Tomasz Samojlik – by night he writes and draws books and comics, in which he tries to combine fantastic plots with a dose of natural science knowledge, in order to translate specialized scientific knowledge into a language that younger audiences can understand (and have fun at the same time). He also wrote the scripts and created art designs for the animated series about żubr Pompik and the feature-length animation “Ryjówka przeznaczenia”.
  • Maciej Kur – Polish screenwriter of comic books and animated films, animation director. Together with Magdalena “Meago” Kania he co-creates the comic series “Delisie” and “Emilka Sza”. Screenwriter of New Comics about “Kajko and Kokosz” and official continuator of the series. 
  • Magdalena “Meago” Kania – 2D graphic designer specializing mainly in cartoon and Asian style illustrations. She began by publishing her comics in the manga convention, then became involved with a game development studio for 7 years (graphic participation in ports of games such as “Ultra Street Fighter,” “Tales of Zestiria (PC)” and “Dark Souls: Remastered”). Together with Maciej Kur, she has already produced two comic books – “Emilka Sza” and “Delisie”. He is currently continuing the series and helping with the production of the TV series and brand development.
  • Nikola Kucharska – has more than thirty illustrated books, more than ten original publications and many illustrated board games to her name. Her work focuses on creating original comics and children’s books.

This is a fantastic team that will prepare a variety of program events for you. Workshops on comic book creation (for the young and old), discussion panels and a wide variety of lectures await you. 

You will also have the opportunity to get unique illustrations prepared by our guests! After all, part of the Comic Books Zone is autograph and drawing sessions from invited artists – you can find them on the mezzanine in Hall 5 in the Artists and Collectors Alley!

Get ready for an unforgettable time in the Comic Books Zone during Pyrkon!

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