Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Get the glory and the rewards! The attractions of the Contest Zone are sure to provide you with a lot of excitement!

Ready for a real dose of competition? The Contest Zone at the Pyrkon 2024 Fan Convention is waiting for you with open arms (and lots of fantastic prizes)! If you think you’ve mastered the knowledge of fantasy, sci-fi, board games or pop culture, this is the place to prove yourself

Fame and glory to the brave!

In the Contest Zone, many opportunities await you to test your knowledge and skills. You will find literally anything there from quizzes to tournaments – there is something there for everyone. 

Your attention may be especially drawn to:

  • Ryjówka Minus One konkurs wiedzy wszechfilmowej – a must-see for every cinema goer and a merciless quiz to test your knowledge on topics related to the world of the big screen.
  • WoW – Wiedzówka o Wideo-grach – get a team together and prove that you have the greatest knowledge of all, the most popular, iconic games of all time for various platforms.
  • Puchar obcisłego trykotu – quiz z filmów i seriali  – if, like us, you love movies and TV series with characters in far too tight costumes, then you are welcome to participate in this contest! Create your own Avengers team of up to three people, make it through the preliminaries and eliminate the competition in the grand finale!
  • Konkurs Pieśni Krasnoludzkiej – The Dwarf Song Contest was established to promote the one true culture. Of course, we mean dwarven culture – so that there is no understatement. We would like to unmake the image of the rugged dwarves and prove that they are flesh and bee… blood artists! You don’t look like a dwarf, but would you like to participate? Don’t be shy, the most important thing is that you feel dwarven and think your abilities will bring down the house.

Not enough? Take a look at the contests that will take place at other Pyrkon zones as well!

Who knows, you might be interested in, say, the finale of the K-pop Cover Dance Festival? Or would you find the “Złota Pyra” figurine painting contest more attractive? The program will also feature the traditional Dance Dance Revolution. Go to the event’s program page, sort it by the “Contest” tag and you’re sure to find something you’ll want to test your abilities at.Come, have fun, compete and go home with loot worthy of a hero! Don’t miss this opportunity – prizes are already there, waiting for you!

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Martyna Halbiniak

Twierdzi, że nie śpi, bo sen jest świetnym substytutem kawy dla ludzi, którzy mają nadmiar wolnego czasu. Jest też zdania, że czekolada nie pyta - ona po prostu rozumie. Wieczna studentka z wrodzoną niechęcią do dorosłości, bo lubi się ze swoim wewnętrznym nerdem... tfu, dzieckiem. Z zapałem godnym lepszej sprawy przetwarza kawę na literki. Lubi rodzynki w serniczku i cynamon w jabłeczniku.