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David Lloyd, illustrator of the V For Vendetta comic book, to visit the Comic Books Zone!

Almost everyone has seen, read or at least heard of “V For Vendetta” and is familiar with the distinctive figure of V, the masked man. It’s a title that addresses many issues, such as individual freedom, abuse of power, social manipulation and the fight against totalitarianism. And the Guy Fawkes mask itself has become a symbol of resistance and rebellion in popular culture. This comic is a classic among works of graphic literature, whose issues are still relevant today. Therefore a meeting with David Lloyd, who is responsible for the graphic side of this unique comic book will be an extremely exciting event at the upcoming Pyrkon!

Let’s get to know David Lloyd and his work!

David Lloyd is a popular illustrator. “V For Vendetta” is, of course, just one of the titles that brought him fame. He also worked on the Hellblazer series, Aliens, Global Frequency, War Stories and many other projects, including the Asterix collection and a book about Sao Paulo. His most recently printed work is a retrospective collection of short stories, “Materia Oscura,” which has been published in Italy and Spain. His acclaimed crime graphic novel “Kickback” is now available in digital form from Sequential Publishing, with all kinds of extras, including commentary.

David’s artistic style is characterized by elaborate detail work, deep expression of characters’ emotions and a remarkable ability to create the right mood and tension in comic book narratives. His works are appreciated by both critics and comics fans around the world.

Currently, David is involved in publishing an online comics magazine – Aces Weekly ( – which brings together top talent from around the world.

I don’t know about you, but we definitely don’t plan to miss this unique opportunity to meet David Lloyd at Pyrkon and hear about his extraordinary works and his job in more detail!

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