Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Dziewanna will sing for us on the Outdoor Stage!

This year’s Pyrkon is your chance to hear Dziewanna live, as she will perform on the Outdoor Stage! It’s an incredible singer who is also a composer and music lyricist. Dziewanna draws great inspiration from nature, being fascinated by the pure energy that flows through everything around us. Her music is a mixture of mystic folk and melodic folk metal with an added aura of mystery. It’s inspired by the world of The Witcher, Nordic-Slavic folklore, and Romantic literature. We are in for some magical experience!

Let us know more about Dziewanna’s music

Dziewanna is a co-creator of the band Othalan, with which she was associated in the years 2012 to 2018. She has been a finalist in numerous contests and music festivals. W 2019 she published her record Widziadło (The Phantom), a conceptual long-playing album. The record was voted the best Folk Metal Album of the Year 2019 ( and was awarded the title of Folk Record of the Year in the national contest “Wirtualne Gęśle”.

fot. Maciej Sitarz

Along with a group of musicians playing the cello, guitars, a bass, a percussion, violins, and flutes, she performs concerts in Poland and abroad.
She played at Folk-Metal Slavic Night in Brenno, Dni Fantastyki (Fantasy Days) in Wroclaw, a folk-metal festival in Ostrava, and Slavic and Viking Festival on the Wolin island. She is powered by her travels and being in contact with nature. She is co-creating the Saga Project together with Grensir.

You can find out more about Dziewanna’s work via her social channels:



Small bonus

There is also a small musical present we have in store for you! Our organizers have come up with a Spotify playlist dedicated specially for you:

We hope it will sweeten your trip to this year’s Pyrkon. We can’t wait to meet you!

Everyone will find something to their taste here. Embark on a sentimental journey across a multitude of universes and meet your heroes 🙂 You will come across Geralt, Jaskier, Neo, KIT, Darth Vader, Frodo, Sub Zero, Mario, Hodor, Red Ranger, and more.

Let us know in the comment section what else should we add 🙂

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Agnieszka Mróz

Osoba pogrążona we własnych myślach, którą tylko nieliczni potrafią zrozumieć. Kocha książki, mangi i anime. Czytanie rozbudziło w niej miłość do pisania. Bujna wyobraźnia i uwielbienie fantastyki doprowadziły do tego, że chce zyskać moc kreowania nowych światów, w których można spotkać ulubionych bohaterów.