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Filip Taterka being a lecturer of the Literature Section!

You still haven’t decided on the lectures you want to attend? Literature Section won’t make your decision easy! Filip Taterka is yet another lecturer, who will make the list of program events even more interesting!

What does Filip do in life?

He is an Egyptologist, which means that he spends most of his time reading texts written in some weird scriptures, that not only don’t interest anyone, but also are problematic to those want to understand them. As the effect of his studies, he has written i.e. ‘Opowieści znad Nilu: Opowiadania egipskie z okresu Średniego Państwa’ (Stories from Nile: Egyptian stories from the Middle Kingdom era – Warsaw, 2017).

In his free time, Filip reads fantasy literature (which is usually easier to understand than Egyptian writings, and still no less fascinating), as well as historical stories, crime novels and basically everything that falls in his hands.

Filip on Pyrkon!

He will host two lectures – one in polish and another one in English. Both are connected to his interests in Egypt. From the lecture in his native polish you’ll learn whether in the land of pharaohs one could escape their own fate and how did the life of one prince turned out. The other lecture will take upon the works of Neil Gaiman and his references to Egyptian mythology, which you would find in the ‘American Gods’.

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