Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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HER OWN WORLD will make the enchanted moonlight shine on the Outdoor Stage.

An unobvious combination of mysterious rituals bathed in starlight and hypnotic dancing to the sounds of industrial rock and electro – this is the best way to describe the band HER OWN WORLD. Be swept away by the magic that rips the veils between the visible and the world of inner darkness and come to their concert during Pyrkon 2024!

HER OWN WORLD is a Polish band from Szczecin. The live show by this quartet does not only entail electronics mixed with guitar riffs, but also a visual performance by a dancer using live fire, which is complemented by the distinctive timbre of Yu’s vocals. The band has a number of singles and a debut album, “Tales from Another Life,” released in June 2023 to their name.

They have been touring continuously since their inception in 2020. They have performed several times at Poland’s Castle Party Festival in Bolków, the Prague Gothic Treffen in the Czech Republic, the Schattenwelt Festival in Austria and the European Dark Dance Treffen in Germany.

Savor a bit of our guest’s magic and listen to their songs on YouTube and Spotify, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.





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Szymon Nowaczyk

Z wykształcenia technik weterynarii, z braku laku – student informatyki. Torturuje swoich bliskich godzinnymi wykładami o obskurnych szczegółach lore Warhammera 40 000. Od jego ogłuszającej paplaniny i basowego śmiechu trzęsą się posadzki. Na konwentach spotkacie go niemal wyłącznie przy stołach z grami planszowymi i bitewnymi.