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Is it possible to combine LEGO bricks and professional life? Rafał Zub is a living example of just that!

Watch your step, we’ve spilled the bricks! But is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, because it can also mean that we have a lot of them. Just what you would expect from the LEGO Fan Zone! And do you know who else has a lot of blocks? Or better yet – Why so many? Rafal Zub, who will be a guest at this year’s Pyrkon, can build entire worlds out of colorful elements! You are welcome to check it out below.

Who is he and how did he get so many bricks?

Rafał Zub

Rafał is not only a guy who impressed the judges of the first edition of the LEGO® Masters TV show and won, but he is also a personality endowed with an incredible passion for design. Just a glance at his bio – winner, AFOL, architect – he is a real superhero of the brick world! But wait, there’s more.Rafał Zub does not remain only in the realm of LEGO television conquests. He runs a channel on YouTube BRICKS by Raf, where he shares his creativity and passion for building. He has done over 120 videos, in which he shows off his MOCs ( My Own Creations) built in his studio, he reports on brick-related events and invites others to build and talk about the industry together.

Speaking of studios… What is the BRICKS by Raf concept?

Many people dream of having their own space, which they can fully devote only to their hobbies. BRICKS by Raf is just the kind of place in the Nowa Stacja in Pruszkow. His main goal is to inspire children and adults to build and be creative, because according to Rafał, bricks are for everyone. There you can not only admire his amazing creations, but also take part in workshops that will dispel any doubts you might have about LEGO®.

Pyrkon is coming!

… But before we see Rafał and his bricks in person, be sure to visit his Facebook and the previously mentioned channel on YouTube. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your own architectural experiments!In the meantime, let us leave you with Rafał’s video at the end, where he talks about the fantastic set from Lord of the Rings, and we’ll be back soon!

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