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Joanna Katarzyna Puchalska will be a lecturer on Pyrkon!

If you’re still wondering what else the Far East Fantasy Section has prepared for you, then read on! We would like to announce, that Joanna Katarzya Puchalska will as well attend Pyrkon!

A bunch of information about Joanna

On day to day basis she works at the Jagiellonian University, where she tortures her students with the differences between ships and vessels. After work she likes to drink some rum, wave around with a sword or some other metal stuff, and sometimes she even mounts a horse or goes into the sea – necessarily sailing.

Joanna on Pyrkon

Are you fascinated in pirates? Do you want to learn more about them? Or maybe you’re just curious if Japan, a country associated with samurai warriors and ninja, can be proud of their corsairs? What did the robbing procedure along the shores of East Asia look like? You’ll surely hear the answers on Joanna’s lecture.

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Istota, która podobno nigdy nie śpi, bo czyta książki, ogląda filmy i nadrabia serialowe zaległości. Gdyby była demonem, to komponentami niezbędnymi do jej przywołania byłyby: kawa, czekolada, jabłecznik z cynamonem i lody bakaliowe. Jeśli nie wypełnia jej jedzenie, to robi to frustracja.