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Strona główna » Blog » Program » John Kovalic to visit Pyrkon once again!

John Kovalic to visit Pyrkon once again!

John Kovalic is a world-famous illustrator and creator of comics, for which he received a wide range of awards. His portfolio includes many projects that are selling exceptionally well and that can be recognized thanks to the original stroke type he uses and the satirical sense of humor. His most well-known works include Dork Tower, tales about the adventures of a group of geek friends and Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink, which is a parody of the genre of superhero comics. Additionally, he illustrated the Munchkin card game, which is a smash hit all over the world, played by people of all ages and the Apples to Apples parlor game.

This year, John will visit the Tabletop Games Section. If you are fans of his works or you only just discovered his epic comics, you cannot miss the meeting with John. Maybe he will run his workshops, which are always a popular attraction among you during this edition as well.


Potajemnie wciąż liczy, że jej astralny przewodnik w końcu ją odwiedzi i powie, że jest czarodziejką z misją uratowania wszechświata. No albo przynajmniej osiedla. Posiada dużą kolekcję memów, a w wolnych chwilach pochłania fanfiki i ciastka.