Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Journey through the Camps in three afternoons
Fantastic Re-enactment Camps Zone at Pyrkon 2024

Re-enactment Camps Zone at Pyrkon Festival is a unique space where diverse fantasy worlds come together, creating an incredible mosaic of emotions and adventures. In Hall 3, you will encounter extraordinary visitors from various universes who invite you to immerse yourself in their realities. From a tea ceremony performed by geishas, through goblin strikes, to lightsaber fights – each village offers unique experiences. Ready for a journey through these amazing worlds?

Are you a fan of Anime and fantasy worlds? Visit the Bleach Camp and immerse yourself in the world of Shinigami and Hollows to learn the secrets of Zanpakuto sword fighting. Then, head to the Avatar Camp, where you will feel the atmosphere of the world of elemental mages, drink tea and eat cookies, participate in games, contests and tournaments, take a photo on the wall and learn the rules of Pai Sho. Finally, visit the Wizardry Camp, where you will brew a magical drink, color magical creatures and participate in games.

Bleach Camp

For game lovers, Pyrkon offers unique attractions throughout the Fairgrounds. In the Project: League of Legends camp, transport yourself to the fascinating world of Runeterra, pet Yuumi, see game props up close and participate in contests and games. The Dragon Age Camp will let you feel the atmosphere of Kirkwall, taste Qunari cookies, paint elven runes on your face and take part in games, contests and workshops. The Witcher Castle invites you to face challenges, play games together, listen to music and relax. Project Genshin will take you to the world of Teyvat, where you will take a photo on the display wall, try your hand at TCG or challenge your friends in board games inspired by the Genshin Impact game.

Project Genshin

Also, lovers of history and handicrafts , be sure to visit the Fantastic Re-enactment Camps Zone! Numerous activities await you there, which will take you back in time and allow you to discover new talents.

At The Vanguard Pirates you will learn about the world of piracy, sew your own flag and participate in contests! The Danmei Project , on the other hand, is a place where you will be able to take part in calligraphy or origami workshops, play board games, have your picture taken on Chinese photo walls and try your hand at saber combat training. The Early Medieval Camp , on the other hand, will delight you with costumes from the 9th century, weapons from the armory, the game of Hnefatafl, the creation of amulets based on Norse runes and the weaving of traditional colorful woven sashes.

Early Medieval Camp

For adrenaline lovers, Pyrkon offers unique attractions as well. At ARMA-PL , you can learn cold steel weapons fencing, take part in sparring and lectures on Ancient European Martial Arts. The WH40K Segmentum Polonia camp will introduce you to the secrets of fighting heretics, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of the dark Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Goblin Town

Remember, these are just a few suggestions! Don’t forget to check out the entire program!

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