Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Lego Fan Zone debuts with a bang!

Get carried away by the whirlwind of unstoppable creativity and visit the Poznań Congress Center during this year’s Pyrkon! Here’s a little information in a nutshell to make your journey through the world of plastic blocks easier.

LEGO exhibitions

  • LEt’s GO build! has prepared a real gallery of personalities – more than two thousand LEGO minifigures are just waiting for visitors. In addition, the visitors will have a chance to learn about the original constructions of the creators of this exhibition, as well as take part in an observation contest. The prizes will be LEGO sets!

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  • Bricks & Figs is a unique museum dedicated to LEGO bricks. Their stunning collection consists of more than twelve thousand figurines and four hundred rare sets. When visiting their booth, be sure to ask about the possibility of participating in the contest.


  • If you love old LEGO sets, be sure to visit the Vintage LEGO Sets exhibition and immerse yourself in nostalgia. Perhaps you will come back inspired and motivated to search your attic and build your own long-forgotten structures once again?

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  • Mateusz Kustra – LEGO® Certified Professional will show you how to assemble LEGO bricks like a true professional. Take the opportunity to get an up-close look at the constructions of the only LEGO® Certified Professional in the country, and even to build something together.

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  • GO4Robot has created a real robot fighting arena for you. Here you will have a chance to watch the struggles of the warrior automatons accompanied by the whining of servomotors and the sound of plastic colliding with each other. You can also visit an offshoot of this exhibition, specially prepared for younger visitors, at the Children’s Zone.


  • HistoryLand will present you with an exhibition inspired by, well, history! This LEGO museum in Poznan has prepared a collection of original reenactments and a contest for you!


LEGO Independent Constructors:

In the LEGO Fan Zone, you will have a chance to meet Independent Constructors – freelancers who will give you their own unique perspective on the hobby that connects both the creators and you – the visitors.

Bricks of Gore – Piotr Rybak

A participant of “Lego Masters Poland”, who prepared an exhibition of original constructions for your viewing pleasure.

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LEGO icons of communist Poland – Zoe Frąckowiak

The creator of reconstructions of communist-era cars will introduce you to her motorized LEGO collection. Visitors will also have a chance to high-five her remote-controlled Wall-E made of LEGO!

LEGO Multiverse – Michal Rybicki

A large-format constructor that will complement the Lego Fan Zone with amazing dioramas.

PhotoBricks – Sandra Recka

A photographer and LEGO lover who has put together an exhibition of her photos capturing moments from the minifigures’ lives. During this year’s Pyrkon, she will conduct a photography workshop for enthusiasts of the bricks.

The Fall of Concordia and the Skirmish on Jakku – Michal Gurgul

Creator of LEGO dioramas that will transport you to the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Bunlab, or Łukasz Jurek , along with his charges, has also prepared an amazing attraction for you. Thanks to them, autonomous Jawas native to Tatooine will be roaming around the LEGO Fan Zone!

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Maciej Mandrysz, known as Mack&Art, has prepared coloring books (not just for the little ones), which can be found at the LEt’s GO build! Booth and in the Children’s Zone.

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We have also prepared for you a Plan of Attractions, Plan of Lectures and Activities (PAPLA)


17:00-17:30 –[lecture] How to become a millionaire, or a former billionaire talking about his success in collecting LEGO bricks [Gaming Room]

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm –[lecture] Investing in LEGO bricks – is it worth it, how to get started and what to avoid [Small Auditorium]


11:00-12:00 –[lecture] The fantastic world of bricks – about the multiverse created by the LEGO Group in films, series, games and sets[Small Auditorium]

13:00-14:00 –[autographs]  Pawel “Brodaty Geek” Duda [Autographs 1]

3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. –[lifestream] Building LEGO bricks together with Brodaty Geek and! [Cosplay Scene]


12:00-13:00 –[lecture] Why LEGO bricks are not just for kids? Is LEGO changing its customer target? What does this mean for us? [Small Auditorium]

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