Fan Convention 16.06.2023 Poznan
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Łukasz “Wookie” Woźniak will be a guest of the tabletop games section

Łukasz “Wookie” Woźniak is the author of 11 different board games, of which some are aimed at children, and others for older player who like something a little more complicated. He recently collected a large sum for his twelfth project through crowdfunding.

Łukasz "Wookie" Woźniak, pyrkon, pyrkon2018, planszówki, blok gier bez prądu, nehemiasz, 7 dni westerplatte, drapacze chmur WHAT IS ŁUKASZ “WOOKIE” WOŹNIAK KNOWN FOR?

Łukasz has been reviewing board and card games for years, and for some time now he has also been publishing them. Furthermore, he is a co-creator of the web page – a portal dedicated to supporting board game creator on the road to bringing their ideas to life. It’s a place that wants to fill the gap in the board game market, and it is managed by people who know the industry and are happy to give advice, and offer help with tests, and even with the whole publishing process, to those who who may not yet have the experience needed.

If you ever had the chance to play “Szalone Małpy” (crazy monkeys), “Nehemiah” or “Mercurius”, or you want to find out something about creating and publishing games, you have to come to this meeting!