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Strona główna » Blog » Program » The Literary Section announces the next guest! Michał Gołkowski will visit Pyrkon

The Literary Section announces the next guest! Michał Gołkowski will visit Pyrkon

Don’t you think that the Literary Section has fallen into hibernation! On the contrary, the Literary Section constantly strives to make Pyrkon 2020 an amazing treat for literature lovers. We would like to inform you that Michał Gołkowski will be a guest at the upcoming Fan Convention!

Our guest is not only a writer of fantasy literature. Michał is a linguist by education and a passionate military historian and cultural anthropologist. He also translates from Russian and English, although he is also familiar with the Ukrainian language. He has already translated the novels of Wiktor Noczkin and Andrei Lewicki to Polish.

Michał Gołkowski is not afraid of challenges!

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As a writer, he made his debut relatively recently in 2013 the “Ołowiany Świt” novel, based on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R universe, but presenting his own vision of the Zone. Since then, he has been flooding the publishing house with a large quantity – at least two, and often three – of titles a year. It should not come as a suprise that he has already written a dozen or so widely read novels (and it does not seem like he is stopping there!). He is constantly expanding the scope of topics he finds interest in, from war, through psychological thriller, grotesque and horror novels, to history and pure fantasy.

Michał is a great orator and speaker, able to give an hour-long lecture without hesitation, regardless of whether he is supposed to talk about the siege techniques of ancient Babylon, or about the formation of criminal organizations in the early post-Soviet period. So who’s coming to his program events?

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Istota, która podobno nigdy nie śpi, bo czyta książki, ogląda filmy i nadrabia serialowe zaległości. Gdyby była demonem, to komponentami niezbędnymi do jej przywołania byłyby: kawa, czekolada, jabłecznik z cynamonem i lody bakaliowe. Jeśli nie wypełnia jej jedzenie, to robi to frustracja.