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Mihaela Perkovic invites you to the writing in english workshop!

Writing in English as a second language is not easy, and writing in English is different than writing in a Slavic language. Also, writing a story in English and translating a story into English are two completely different tasks. There will be writing done at this workshop, so bring a pen, paper, laptop, ideas and the courage to create work on the spot and to share it with others. This workshop is limited to 15 participants. All participants must fill the form.

Who is Mihaela Perkovic?

Mihaela Marija Perković is a Croatian author, who has ran a number of writing workshops in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Poland. She writes stories, novels, screenplays and copy for a living. She has designed a number of writing workshops for the SFera Society in Zagreb, for the Booksa Club in Zagreb as well as for her business, Savarakatini. Mihaela is very active in SF fandom – she was Chari of SFeraKon in 2016, Head of Hosplitality at Worldcon 75 and a GUFF delegate in 2013. She also promised some years ago to do this workshop at Pyrkon again, this time in its proper length.

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Miłośnik starej trylogii SW i LOTR, który żałuje, że wciąż nikt nie nakręcił ekranizacji "Hobbita". Jego ukochany film SF to "Plan dziewięć z kosmosu". Motto życiowe: „jeszcze tylko jeden odcinek i biorę się za robotę”.