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Strona główna » Blog » Program » Night Outdoor Cinema – experience film emotions during Pyrkon!

Night Outdoor Cinema – experience film emotions during Pyrkon!

After a whole day of amazing experiences in Pyrkon maybe you would like to sit back and relax with a movie? You do not have to leave the Poznan International Fair to do it! Visit our Night Outdoor Cinema, prepared together with Multikino!

What is Night Outdoor Cinema?

Nocne Kino Plenerowe, Pyrkon, Festiwal Fantastyki Pyrkon 2018 In cooperation with the Multikino network, we have created a place where you can watch the best-known film titles on the big screen. This is the first time in the history of Pyrkon, when such an event is organized. Every night, the zone with the screen will undergo a magical transformation and turn into a real cinema hall! Comfortable sun loungers will be arranged for the spectators, where you can comfortably enjoy movie emotions. But what would a cinema be without popcorn? You can buy some straight from Multikino on site.

Night Outdoor Cinema program:

Lego The Movie

Mad Max

The Matrix


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Miłośnik starej trylogii SW i LOTR, który żałuje, że wciąż nikt nie nakręcił ekranizacji "Hobbita". Jego ukochany film SF to "Plan dziewięć z kosmosu". Motto życiowe: „jeszcze tylko jeden odcinek i biorę się za robotę”.