Fan Convention 13-15.06.2025 Poznan
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The Board Games, Card Games and Tabletop Wargames Zone will be a true delight with all its diversity

The rise of fantasy, in addition to books, movies and video games, owes much to traditional board games, card games and tabletop wargames. As in previous years, this year as well all lovers of tabletop gaming will find a real arcade at Pyrkon. Both amateurs of casual dice rolling and determined contenders for the title of champion of the local games room will feel at home here.

The card games part will be full of attractions

We will lay our cards on the table for you  – during this year’s Pyrkon, both veteran and casual gamers will find something to their liking. In addition to introductory games and demonstrations from the most popular TCGs, you will also be able to play a casual game. The main event of this edition, however, will be Saturday’s MTG tournament in the Big Pauper format, and its winner will walk away from the table in a blaze of glory, and- thanks to the cooperation with Lega Pauper Italia – with a ticket to the Paupergedon Autumn Edition 2024 in Rome. However, this is not the end of what we have to offer. Fans of other titles such as Grand Archive, Flesh and Blood, One Piece Card Game or Star Wars Unlimited will also be able to take part in the games. The competitions will be held in a variety of formats, and many will include beginner versions.

You can sign up for tournaments organized by the Wilczek crew on their website, or by clicking the link on the subpage of our Zone.We also did not forget about fans of Pokemon TCG and Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The winners of the games playing these two titles will be honored with prizes sponsored by the Wyślij do PSA, whose founder, Rafal Nobis, will give a lecture on Saturday on how to make money grading collector cards.

News, classics and your favorite board games

The heart of the Zone is the board game rental with hundreds of tables where you can take a little break from the hustle and bustle of the convention, meet new people and play new games, or have a nice time with your friends. Just remember to return the boxes with the contents complete!

In addition to rentals, a demonstration subzone will also be available. You’ll play prototypes and beta versions of board games being developed by independent developers, as well as the latest titles straight from publishers. Fans of competition will also have the opportunity to take part in several board game tournaments.

Amidst the howl of engines, the clatter of hooves and the clash of iron – face off in epic skirmishes at battle games

This year at the Tabletop Wargames Zone you will have the opportunity to meet Joseph McCullough, author of games such as Frostgrave, The Silver Bayonet and Rangers of Shadow Deep – our guest will be happy to play one of these productions with you. This meeting would not have been possible without the support of the publisher Osprey Games, Kromlech oraz Drugi Front Tabletop Wargames Section.

You’re also invited to participate in the “Złota Pyra” painting contest, as well as to see the exhibition of miniatures that will accompany it. Learning how to paint figurines is also a must at the tabletop wargames zone. The painting booth will be open throughout the Convention.

During Pyrkon there will be an opportunity to play a variety of figurine-based games, Battletech, presented by the Solaris 7 group, being one of them. The mech pilots will have a chance to compete during the Polish championship, which will be held on Saturday. There will also be titles from the minimalist OnePageRules, games from the Warlord Games publishing house or Wojnacja, which will premiere its third edition during the convention. Loyal followers of the Emperor, and devoted minions of chaos (as well as all other cosmic creatures) are invited to Sunday’s PyrApocalypse, a major battle in the world of Warhammer 40K.

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