Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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This was YOUR choice – JEREMIAH KANE will perform at Pyrkon again! 

The concerts on the Outdoor Stage were so popular during last year’s Pyrkon that we had no choice but to make sure you experience these fantastic moments again. Thanks to your votes in the “Time Turner” contest, not only Dziewanna, but also JEREMIAH KANE will perform on the Outdoor Stage again!

What is JEREMIAH KANE preparing for you?

To begin with, it would be appropriate to introduce the guys’ musical inspirations. JEREMIAH KANE is a band that draws inspiration directly from Japanese culture. They combine genres such as synthwave, darksynth and metal in their music, adding in a pinch of retro game soundtracks and more!

One thing is for sure, JEREMIAH KANE has a fantastic performance planned for you – they will sweep you away on an unforgettable journey through the sounds from their latest album RONIN. But that’s not all there is to it! There are also some surprises waiting for you, prepared especially for Pyrkon! Who knows, maybe the guys will make a music video during Pyrkon this time too? 

They also want to invite you to the Unofficial JK Meet-up on Saturday! You will be able to meet them at the cars of your dreams – colorful itashas, including their own pink BMW e36. A real chill zone awaits you – stop by to high-five and try BOSS straight from Japan. 

So there is just one more thing to say – see you at the concert! 

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Agnieszka Mróz

Osoba pogrążona we własnych myślach, którą tylko nieliczni potrafią zrozumieć. Kocha książki, mangi i anime. Czytanie rozbudziło w niej miłość do pisania. Bujna wyobraźnia i uwielbienie fantastyki doprowadziły do tego, że chce zyskać moc kreowania nowych światów, w których można spotkać ulubionych bohaterów.