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Strona główna » Blog » Program » Trudi Canavan guest starring at Pyrkon 2020!

Trudi Canavan guest starring at Pyrkon 2020!

The literature section wastes no time. Quite the contrary! The guest announcement starts out with a bang, with the introduction of a world-renowed author. We are pleased to announce that Trudi Canavan will be the guest of the jubilee edition of Pyrkon!

Trudi Canavan needs no introduction


Australian illustrator, designer and – most importantly – writer. She debuted in 1999 with the story “Whispers of the Mist Children”, which was awarded the Aurealis Award for the best fantasy story. Just two years later “The Magicians’ Guild” was unveiled to the world, which is the first volume of “The Black Magician” trilogy, the last part of which was published in 2003. These stories have achieved international success, as evidenced by the fact that the rights to the translations have already been sold to several countries!

Trudi Canavan also created the “Age of Five” trilogy, the series “Millennium’s Rule Trilogy” and the continuation of the story started in her debut series – “The Traitor Spy Trilogy “, where the main character is the son of Sonea and Akkarin.

This is the author’s fourth visit to Poland, but her first at Pyrkon. Will you give her a warm welcome?

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Istota, która podobno nigdy nie śpi, bo czyta książki, ogląda filmy i nadrabia serialowe zaległości. Gdyby była demonem, to komponentami niezbędnymi do jej przywołania byłyby: kawa, czekolada, jabłecznik z cynamonem i lody bakaliowe. Jeśli nie wypełnia jej jedzenie, to robi to frustracja.