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Viola Warych: A Revolutionary in the World of Postapocalyptic Costumes

Viola Warych, founder of Wasted Couture, joins us as a guest at Pyrkon 2024. This remarkable artist, who revolutionized the world of postapocalyptic costumes, can boast an incredible life journey. However, before she began creating her unique costumes, she spent some time working … At a police station.

From Police to Wasted Couture: Founding the Brand

In 2015, Viola decided to change her life and founded Wasted Couture, an artistic collective that brings together the most talented couturiers. Together with her sister, Jagoda Warych, they turned this modest project into a thriving business that now employs 10 people on a permanent basis. 

Successes and Collaborations

Wasted Couture can boast a number of achievements, such as making stage clothing for Nocny Kochanek, an ongoing collaboration with computer game developer Techland to promote the game “Dying Light 2” and making several hundred costume pieces for the TV series “Fear The Walking Dead”, seasons 7 and 8. The team also collaborate with famous Polish fashion designer Katarzyna Konieczka

Wasted Couture’s work has found worldwide exposure thanks to appearing in such prominent press titles as Vogue Poland, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam and Senal News USA.

Wasted Couture’s designs have even been recognized by Jurek Owsiak, and their jackets are being donated to Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity auctions. Viola Warych and her brand have not only gained recognition in the fashion world, but also among celebrities and charity events. 

Pyrkon 2024: The Return of Wasted Couture

This year, Wasted Couture will again be present at Pyrkon, traditionally in the Vendor’s Land. Viola Warych will have the chance to meet you at this year’s Design Your Own Costumes competition as a jury member and at a lecture she will give. 

FB: Wasted Couture | Szczecin

IG: Instagram (@wasted_couture)


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