Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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You simply can’t miss this this year in The Science Zone – big name stars are coming your way!

There is a place at Pyrkon where you can see for yourself how thin the line is between fantasy and science. It is in the Science Zone that you will learn whether time travel is possible, whether teleportation is within our reach, and gain knowledge on many other topics – from ecology to online safety to the mysteries of the night sky. Are you curious about what we have prepared for you this year?

The Science Station

The Science Station is an amazing place in the Science Zone that will provide you with the opportunity to meet and talk with our invited guests and speakers – specialists in a wide variety of scientific branches. If after the lecture you are still bothered by various questions, and for some reason you did not ask them during the lecture, now you will have an ideal opportunity to exchange a few words with the speaker, dispelling your doubts and expanding your knowledge in the field of your interest. 

You will find the Science Station on the first floor of the PCC Hall, so don’t hestitate to go there and don’t be shy to reach for knowledge!

Koło Naukowe Inżynierów Transportu Publicznego and a locomotive simulator

Do you dream of a career as a train driver? Do you want to prove yourself in driving a train? Are you bored with playing with toy locomotives? That’s great, because at this year’s Pyrkon – in the Science Zone (first floor of the PCC hall, next to the Science Station) – there will be an engine driver’s cab simulator, so you’ll find out that driving a train is a tricky business. Try not to get derailed and make it to your destination on time! 

Copper smelter

Last year, the Copper smelter were a blast, so we have great news for you – it will also appear in an updated form at this year’s Pyrkon! If you are curious about how the sword with which Achilles killed Hector was created, you won’t find a better opportunity to learn. At the Copper smelter, you will also test yourself by working in the mini-quarry, try smelting copper and bronze using a simple smelting furnace, and learn to make copper jewelry that will please any magpie out there! 

You will find the copper smelter exactly where it was located a year ago – under the open sky, on the way from hall 5A to 8A. This is one you can’t miss!

And if you are interested in the issue of online security, you can’t miss what Piotr Konieczny and Marcin Maj – creators of the portal – have prepared for you. Not only will there be an interesting lecture, but also a number of activities (including an opportunity to practice lockpicking!) at a booth on the first floor of the PCC Hall (next to the Science Station). 

Guests and speakers of the Science Zone

If you think that’s all we have prepared for you in the Science Zone, it’s a sign that you don’t know the full extent of our capabilities. After all… what would Pyrkon be without our invited guests – experts in their fields – who will impart their knowledge to you in an easy-to-understand manner? 

You can be sure that this year there will be no shortage of fascinating and engaging lectures to answer your questions. 

One of Pyrkon’s guests this year will be Tomasz Rożek, Ph.D., who has been running popular science channels on YouTube for almost a decade, in addition, he is also the founder of the Nauka. To Lubię. Fundation. Professor Szymon Malinowski, an atmospheric physicist who is scientifically involved in the physics of clouds and precipitation and atmospheric turbulence, will also be a guest at Pyrkon. 

The secrets of the incredible universe will be revealed to you by Piotr Kosek, creator of the Astrofaza YouTube channel.

Other creators you may know from YouTube or other social networks – Aleksandra and Piotr Stanislawski, creators of the Crazy Nauka blog, will also be there and they will be happy to answer your questions. A strong representation of Rzecznicy Nauki also prepared a dozen or so interesting and diverse topics, with something for everyone for this year’s Pyrkon. 

The creators of the portal, Krystian Machnik and Rafal Ambroziak , who know the area as well as the back of their hands, will talk about what life is like in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. They will also present the film “Chernobyl: Men of Steel.” Also appearing at this year’s Pyrkon will be Mikołaj Kolyszko, founder of the Podcast Religioznawczy (Religious Studies Podcast) , and you can be sure that his talks are some of the truest gems to be found in the zone. 

And it may sound cliché, but – you better believe it! – This is just the tip of the huge iceberg consisting of the attractions that await you in the Science Zone. 

And if you’re curious about who else will appear in the Science Zone, be sure to check out our  Pyrkon guests tab and see for yourself how many specialists in various fields of science we have invited especially for you! Also take a peek at the.. PROGRAM

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