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Regulations of the Fantastic Initiatives Zone 2019

Regulations – admittance

1. These Regulations of the Fantastic Initiatives Zone, hereinafter referred to as the FIZ Regulations, regulate the operation of this zone at the Pyrkon 2019 Fan Convention. In matters not regulated in these regulations, the Regulations of the Pyrkon 2019 Fan Convention apply. The definitions used below are consistent with the definitions clarified in the main regulations.

2. The Fantastic Initiatives Zone, hereinafter referred to as the FIZ constitutes a space in Hall 8, the aim of which is to enable non-profit fan-related groups to promote their actions.

3. The entities qualified to be admitted to the FIZ are non-profit organizations and fan groups acting for the benefit of the fandom, the aim of which is to popularize particular branches of fantasy

4. The following affect the decision on the groups admittance to FIZ:

– The provision of information regarding the basic demand (the number of tables and chairs)
– The presentation of a stand development plan (elements of exhibitions, decorations, a draft of the leitmotif design)
– The presentation of events planned (any and all events, competitions, workshops – with schedule and duration time if it’s not planned non-stop)

5. Each group is entitled to 3* to 6 passes for persons working the stand. In special cases this number may change. The main criterion affecting the change of the number of passes is the labor intensity necessary for the events on the stand to be executed correctly.

6. Possible stand dimensions are the following:
– standard small with the dimensions of 2.5 m in widthand 2.5m in length (6,25m2)
– standard big with the dimensions 2.5 of m in width and 5m in length (12,5m2)
– non-standard (rectangular, with a surface area of 30 m2 at most)

7. Each stand will be enclosed in a basic manner – 3 walls from the fair enclosure structures, separating them from other stands. The groups oblige, as part of minding the stand arrangement to cover/decorate the walls behind them (in an aesthetically pleasing manner).

8. Any group applying for a stand undertakes to ensure the presence of stand handlers throughout the duration of the convention (from. 10.00 on Fridayuntil 18.00 on Sunday, except for the night (22.00-10.00)) (two people at least). *

9. Several groups may apply for a stand, utilizing a larger space.

10. Information about the group can be provided on the website, under the condition that all the necessary data is sent in the form (the website address, the description of the group and a logo with the dimensions of 300 px in width x 250 px in heightin the .jpg format, with 72 DPI and the maximum weight of 150 kB).

11. The groups that applied undertake not to howl down other stands with their devices or music, the volume of which exceeds 85 decibels.

12. The exhibitor cannot eat at the stand.

13. The exhibitor is liable for maintaining cleanliness at the stand.

14. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants cannot be present at the stand.

15. Each group undertakes to inform the manager of the zone by phone about urgent cases and events during the Convention (contact details are included in the contract).

16. The groups undertake to observe the orders of the hall master, the managers and volunteers.

17. The groups undertake to send 3 copies of the signed contract via post to the address: Słowackiego 13/116, 60-822 Poznań, within 2 weeks after receiving the document via e-mail.

18. The Holders of Pyrkon do not offer accommodation, food, t-shirts or gadgets.

* There is a possibility to admit a group for half the time – then the group receives 3 passes and must provide 1 person less to cover the stand during morning hours (10-16 on Friday and Saturday, 10-14 on Sunday) or afternoon hours (16-22 on Friday and Saturday, 14-18 on Sunday). A group applying on those terms will receive one of the standard stands, which they will be obliged to share with another group that applies in complementary hours. After admittance, both groups will be informed about such a situation and will receive a contact e-mail to contact the other group (the e-mails provided in the contact form). The other regulations remain unchanged.

Regulations–the column

1. These Regulations govern the functioning of the column with the direction indicators, located in the Fantastic Initiative Zone, used to place signs with the logos of the groups that applied and additional information about the group, hereinafter referred to as the Column.

2. A sign on the column may be made once for each group, who sends a long logo version within a month before the event at the latest (square logos or logos the height of which is greater than the length do not fit on the sign in a manner that would remain legible).

3. The graphic design of the logo should completely meet one of the requirements below:

– The file should be a vector file (permissible formats are: .pdf, .ai, .eps) and the shorter side of the graphics should be at least 2000 px in length.
– A .tif file the actual dimensions of which for printing are 9 cm in height and 50 cm in width, and the resolution of the graphic design attached is at least 150 dpi.

4. The sign is free of charge when prepared for the first time, each subsequent preparation of the sign costs 50 PLN net per piece.

5. Only signs with current logos will be placed on the column.