Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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a) The organizer of the Pyrkon 2024 Fan Convention (hereinafter: “Convention”), which will be held in Poznań on June 14-16, 2024, is the  Klub Fantastyki DRUGA ERA Association, based at ul. Kaliska 22A/23, 61-131 Poznań, (hereinafter: “the Organizer”). The Convention Organizer is represented in particular by the Program Zones Organizers, Convention Directors and other volunteers (organizers, gophers, cooperation) performing their tasks and duties as part of the Convention.

b) Program events (hereinafter: “Program”) are the attractions of the Pyrkon 2024 Convention such as: lectures, talks, panels, contests, demonstrations, workshops available to participants within the framework of the purchased ticket for the Convention.

c) A speaker is a person or group of persons who prepare and conduct a program event (hereinafter: “The Presenter”).

d) A Room is understood to be a place where a program event is held both within the halls and in the open area within the Convention.

e) The program is conducted only on the premises and during the Pyrkon 2024 Fan Convention after confirmation by the Organizer.


a) Application for the Program is made by filling out a form on the Convention’s website.

b) The Organizer reserves the right to reject a submitted program event at any time prior to the date of publication of the program without giving any reason.

c) The Applicant is obliged to provide the Organizer with the necessary information regarding the Program event within the prescribed time limit, including, at the Organizer’s request, to send audio or video materials within 2 weeks if the Program is pre-approved.

d) In the event of the Program being accepted, presenters are entitled to a 50% discount on the purchase of a three-day ticket at the box office for each full hour of the program to be divided among all presenters of a given program event. There will be no discounts on single-day or discounted tickets. Discounts can add up to a level of 100%.

e) The Presenter is obliged to pick up the accreditation obtained, free of charge or for a partial fee, at the designated cashier’s office, providing data consistent with those provided in the form.

  • The Presenters will be informed, by email or phone, at which box office they are to pick up their accreditation before the opening of the box offices.
  • If the Presenter picks up their accreditation at a box office other than the designated one, the Organizer is not responsible for additional costs incurred by the Presenter.

f) The Organizer also selects substitute Presenters from among the applicants, who are required to prepare the accepted talks on the reserve list (hereinafter: Substitutes). The Applicant has the right to refuse admission to the reserve list.

g) Persons on the reserve list are entitled to the same discounts as the presenters due to the time required to prepare the Program. At the same time, if the substitute presenter refuses to conduct the Program event after the discounts are given – they will be canceled.

h) The Organizer has the right to ask for reimbursement of costs incurred in connection with the Program or for reimbursement of accreditation costs if the presenter or substitute presenter fails to prepare the Program.

i) The presenter will be informed of the acceptance of the program event, up to one week before the publication of the Program, by email or telephone.

j) Any reimbursements provided by the organizer on the basis of individually agreed terms and conditions are possible on the basis of the delivery of the relevant documents within 14 days of the delivery of the documents. The documents can be delivered no later than by 3.07.2024. The presenter will be informed by email about what documents are necessary for reimbursement.

k) The program will be published around May 5, 2024.


a) The Program is open to the Convention Participants, with the exception of those excluded by the Convention Organizer.

b) The Presenter has the right to let 2 people in out of turn, to see his program event.

c)  The Presenter is required to appear in front of the designated room up to 10 minutes before the start of the program event. This rule also applies to any accompanying persons listed under b.

d) The topics of the program events must not hurt or offend anyone on the basis of: sexual orientation, gender, national, ethnic, racial, political, religious affiliation or their lack of religious denomination.

e) The program must not propagate a totalitarian regime and incite hatred.

f) The subject matter of the program must not contain content intended for adults, unless the Presenter has stipulated such information in advance in the description of the program event included in the form and the Convention Organizer has agreed to such content in the program prior to its acceptance.

g)The program must not exceed a predetermined time, and the presenter is obliged to follow the instructions of the organizer and the gophers assigned to the room in the event of a request to end the program. The standard lecture time (the so-called “program hour”) consists of 45 minutes of lecture, 5 minutes for questions and 10 minutes for the audience to leave and enter the room for another program event.

h) The presenter undertakes to maintain absolute sobriety while conducting the program event.

i) The presenter undertakes to return the room after the conducted program event in the condition found or to inform the organizer of any problems.

j) The presenter undertakes to personally confirm his readiness to conduct the program with the Convention Organizer no later than one hour before the scheduled date.

k) In the event that the Host fails to confirm his readiness to conduct the program, the Convention Organizer reserves the right to attempt to obtain such confirmation through direct telephone contact with the Presenter.

l) In the event that it is not possible to obtain confirmation of the Presenter’s readiness to conduct the program up to one hour before the scheduled start time, the Convention Organizer has the right to cancel this program event and insert another one in its place, assuming that the Presenter has given up on: the execution of the program event and the discount for the Presenters entitled thereto.

m) In all contentious situations and things not included in the regulations, the Convention Organizer reserves the right to decide.


a) Violation of the Rules and Regulations by the Presenter may be grounds for interruption of the program event by the Convention Organizer or another Volunteer. In extreme cases, it can be the cause for the Presenter’s expulsion from the Convention site without reimbursement of costs incurred.