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Strona główna » Rules for submitting and conducting program events at Pyrkon 2019

Rules for submitting and conducting program events at Pyrkon 2019



1. Organizing a program event:

a)Pyrkon 2019 Fan Convention (hereinafter referred to as: “the Convention”), which will be held in Poznań between 26-28 April 2019 is organized by the Druga Era Association, with its registered office at ul. Kaliska 22A/23, 61-131 Poznań (hereinafter referred to as: “the Holder”). The Convention Holder is particularly represented by the Managers of the Program Sections, Convention Directors and other volunteers (organizers, volunteers, helpers, contributors), executing their tasks and and duties as part of the Convention.

b)Program Events (hereinafter referred to as: “the Program) are activities available at the Pyrkon 2019 Fan Convention to its attendees, such as: lectures, presentations, panels, contests, shows and workshops.

c) Speaker is a person or a group of people who prepare and host a program event (hereinafter referred to as: “the Host”).

d) Lecture room is understood as the location, where the program event is hosted both in the halls and the open area within the Convention.

e) Program events are only conducted within the area and  during the Pyrkon 2019 Fan Convention after they are confirmed by the Holder.


2. Rules for collaborating with the Speaker/Host

a) A program event is submitted by means of a form to be filled in, available on the Convention’s website.

b) The Holder reserves the right to reject a submitted program event at any time before the publication of the program, without providing a reason for the rejection.

c) The submitting person is obliged to provide the Holder with any and all the necessary information regarding a given program event within a specified period of time, including sending audio or video materials at the request of the Holder within the period of 2 weeks, if the program event provisionally approved.

d) In the event a program event is approved, the hosts are eligible for a discount of 50% for the purchase of a three-day promotional ticket for each full hour of program hosted, to be divided among all the hosts of a given program event.

e) The Host is obliged to collect the ticket at a specified ticket counter, providing details consistent with those included in the form.

The hosts shall be informed via e-mail or phone, which ticket counter they are supposed to collect their ticket from before the ticket office opens.

Should the host collect his ticket at a different ticket counter than the one specified, the Holder is not liable for any additional costs incurred by the host.

In case the tickets were pre-purchased before the program was announced, the host has the right to return the ticket pursuant to appropriate regulations no laterf than 2 weeks after receiving an e-mail confirming his participation in the program from the manager.

f) From among those submitting program events, the Holder will also choose several backup hosts, who are obliged to prepare the lectures placed on the standby list of presentations. The person submitting a program event has the right to refuse being placed on a standby list.

g) The persons on a standby list are eligible to the same discounts as the hosts due to the time necessary to prepare the program event. At the same time if a backup speaker refuses to host the program event once the discounts are granted – they will be cancelled.

h) The Holder has the right to as for a reimbursement of the costs incurred connected with the program or a reimbursement of the costs of the ticket, if a host or a backup host fail to meet the requirement of preparing the Program.

i) The host will be notified about the fact that their program event was approved via e-mail of phone within up to a week before the Program is published.

j) Any potential cost reimbursements ensured by a manager based on individually established conditions are possible on the condition of providing appropriate documents within the deadline of 14 days after the documents are delivered. The documents may be submitted no later than by 10.05.2019. na podstawie dostarczenia właściwych dokumentów w terminie do 14 dni od dostarczenia dokumentów. Dokumenty mogą być dostarczone nie później niż do 10.05.2019r. The host shall be notified what documents are necessary via e-mail.

k) The Program shall be published by 24.03.2019 r.


3. Conducting program events:

a) Participating in the Program may be the Convention Attendees, apart from the persons excluded by the Convention Holder.

b) The Host has the right to bring two persons in to participate in his program event outside of the established line.

c) The Host is obliged to arrive at the room indicated 10 minutes before their program event starts.

d) The topics of the program events may not hurt or insult anyone because of: their sexual orientation, sex, nationality, ethnicity, race, political affiliation, religious affiliation lack thereof.

e) The program cannot propagate the totalitarian regime and incite to hatred.

f) The topics of the program may not contain materials intended for adults, unless the Host provided such information in advance in the description of the program event included in the program and the Convention Holder agreed to have such content included in the program.

g) A program event may not exceed the previously specified length in time and the host is obliged to observe the recommendations of the manager and the room helpers should they ask them to end the program event.

h) The Host undertakes to remain sober when conducting a program event.

i) The Host undertakes to return the room after conducting his program event in the same condition it was in before the program event or to notify the manager about any possible problems.

j) The Host undertakes to personally confirm readiness to conduct a program event with the Convention Holder no later than an hour before the planned deadline.

k) In case the Host fails to confirm the readiness to conduct a program event, the Convention Holder reserves the right to try and obtain such confirmation by contacting the Host directly via phone.

l) In case it proves impossible to obtain the Host’s confirmation of their readiness to conduct a program event within up to one hour before the planned commencement of the program event, the Convention Holder has the right to cancel this program event and replace it with a different one, assuming that the Host resigned from conducting it and from the discount for Hosts they were eligible to on this account.

m) In all disputable situations and issues not included in the regulations, the Convention Holder reserves the right to make a decision.


4. Final provisions:

a) Should a Host breach any of the Regulations, it may provide a basis for the Convention Holder or another Volunteer to terminate the Program Event. In extreme cases it can lead to making the Host leave the Convention Grounds.