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Terms of use of the Pyrkon’s Kids Section

1. The Kids’ Section is a zone of the Pyrkon Fantasy Festival 2022 designated especially for Kids and their Carers (parents or legal guardian), which functions within the hours and at the location indicated on the Pyrkon Fantasy Festival (available by the entrance to the Kids’ Section on appropriate posters and signs). No additional fee is charged for access to the Kids’ Zone.

2. The rules for the functioning of the Kids’ Section are determined in the present Regulations.

3. The entry to the Kids’ Section gate is tantamount with accepting the present Regulations, the rules for processing data and the consent to use the physical likeness of both the Parents and the kids under their care for marketing purposes.

4. Entering and exiting the Kids Section is only done through a marked registration gate. An exception is made only in case of evacuating the entire Section. Then, you must follow the orders of patrol officers and appropriate emergency service officers. 

5. Participants (Children) over 4 years of age and under 12 years of age are admitted into the Kids’ Section. As an exception, with the consent of a Volunteer manning the entry gate, minors who are over the age of 12 if they meet the general condition of participation in the Pyrkon Fantasy Festival (determined in its Main Regulations). 

6. Each kid brought to the Kids Section receives a band at the entrance, where the Carer is obliged to put their telephone number. The bands may also be procured at the Festival Information Points.  In special cases, determined by the Section’s staff, instead of a band, a kid may receive a name sticker. Each Carer-Child pair also receives 2 stickers with a “Pyrkon ID number” (one for the carer, the other for the child), in order to efficiently identify them at the entrance. There is a possibility to issue an additional sticker for the second carer.

7. The band/name sticker must be worn by the Child only (on the wrist, leg or, in special cases, on a piece of clothing, which they will not be taking off throughout the entire time spent in the Section). The band/name sticker cannot be worn by the Carer.

8. Entrance to the Kids Section is possible, after the Carer previously fills in an appropriate registration form made available by the Volunteers by the entrance. The computer stations for registering Participants (kids) are available by the entrance to the Kids Section (there is also the possibility to use the registration link available under a QR code). The Carer is obliged to sign a statement about familiarizing himself with the Regulations for the Kids’s Section, approving its conditions and consenting to the processing of the personal data for the needs of Pyrkon by the Klub Fantastyki “Druga Era” Association.

9. For registration the child, the following data is required:

  • name and surname
  • age
  • date of entry to Kids Zone.
  • and the data of the Carers authorized to pick the child up:
  • name and surname of parents or legal guardian
  • a contact telephone number.

The above-mentioned data will be gathered in order to ensure safety to the Child and for the proper identification of the Carers authorized to pick them up. The data will be made available to Volunteers conducting a verification of the persons entering and exiting the Kids’ Section by the Gate. Providing the data is voluntary. Failure to provide the data however prevents the execution of the Child’s registration, and therefore the use of the Kids’ Section.

10. The Organizer and the Volunteer may ask for the Carers’ ID cards when picking up the Children and leaving the Kids’ Section, in order to verify their identity. Temporarily (at the time of Pyrkon Fantasy Festival)  in Kids Zone the student ID is treated as an ID card.

11. The Volunteers have been trained in basic first aid, however they have the right to ask the Carer to stay in the Kids’ Section for Child’s safety. Only Children of Carers who meet all the conditions described above will be admitted to the Kids’ Section. The Carer obliged to provide information about significant health issues in person to the Organizers of the Kids’ Section.

12. Volunteers of the Kids’ Section supervision over the children in the Kids’ Section, including observing the Children playing, helping with the workshops, playing with the Children and intervening in case of behaviors, which may become a cause of an accident or a threat to safety.

13. Children who are over the age of 4 and know how to use the toilet can stay in the Kids’ Section on their own. Direct care over a younger Child or a Child who does not know how to use a toilet is exercised by their Carer. Children cannot leave the Kids’ Section on their own. Parents or legal guardians may enter and participate at the Kids’ Section attractions with their kids. The Guest of the Kids Zone or the Speaker, may express his reservations and report them to the Organizers in the event of a breach of the Regulations or other comments.

14. Volunteers in the Kids’ Section may ask that a rule be observed of “1 Child – 1 Carer” (only one authorized Carer stays with the child in the Kids’ section), if they see fit to the comfort and safety of the other participants in the Section.

15. A Child staying in the Kids’ Section without the Carer, goes to the toilet only with a Volunteer of the same sex.

16. The Kids’ Section coatroom is not supervised, Volunteers bear no responsibility for the items left unattended or lost at the Kids’ Section. The Child should leave any and all valuables with their Carers.

17. Children entering the Kids’ Section should leave all the items which may pose a threat, in particular: watches, jewelry, belts with sharp buckles etc. with their Carers.

18. In the Kids’ Section, there is no access for people under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.

19. Parents or legal guardians  who have been found to be affected by alcohol and / or other intoxicating substances, cannot pick up the child from the Kids Zone. In the above case, the Organizer contacts another person (entered in the Registration Form) authorized to collect the child from the Kids Zone. If it is impossible to contact another guardian authorized at registration to pick up the child, the Organizer of Kids Zone  is allowed to called the Police.

20. The time limit for the Children to stay in the Kids’ Section without leaving is 4 hours. After this time, the Volunteers have the right to call the carer to pick the kid or kids up. After an hour’s break and ensuring the child gets a meal, the Carer may bring the child or children to the Kids’ Section again.

21. The number of children at the Kids’ Section may not exceed 10 children per one Volunteer/Animator. If the number was to be exceeded, the Organizer or the Volunteer (on duty by the registration gate) has the right to temporarily refuse to admit a child.

22. Caring for the health of the other children remaining in the Kids’ Section, it is forbidden to admit into the Kids’ Section children who are carriers of infectious diseases, virus infections and bacterial diseases.

23. Should a deterioration of a child’s health be found, the Volunteers are obliged to call the carers to immediately pick the child up and suggest that they visit the medical point.

24. Children with disabilities, however independent, may stay in the Kids’ Section alone. In case they are not independent, the Carer may be asked to accompany the child in the attractions and actions conducted.

25. At the Kids’ Section we do not serve nor eat meals, however a child can be supplied with a signed bottle with a beverage.

26. If a Volunteer decides a Child poses a threat for the other participants or is breaking the rules of the present Regulations, they may undertake actions aiming at restoring safety in the Kids’ Section, which may involve admonishing the Child or separating them from the group. The Child in question shall remain under the care of the Volunteers, while the Carer shall be informed and asked to immediately pick the Child up from the Kids’ Section. 

27. Any and all questions not described in the present regulations shall be settled on the basis of the Regulations of the Pyrkon 2022 Fantasy Festival. If the above-mentioned Regulations do not provide for it, the Coordinators are the decisive parties.