Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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“Bimba for Pyrkon-goers” is coming!

Poznań is large, and the accommodations are scattered throughout different locations, sometimes far away from the city center, so you are probably silently asking yourselves “how will I actually get to Pyrkon?”. And we have just the answer for you, because this year “Bimba for Pyrkon-goers” will take you to the Poznań International Fair for free as well!

“Bimba for Pyrkon-goers”, or how does it work?

You must gather your party before venturing forth. And equipment. You also need to piece the equipment together. You’ve got your wallet, your keys, you’ve got good mood, the tickets… Are you sure you have the tickets? But what kind of tickets? Normal? Discounted? Zone A or B? What do you mean there’s a Zone C as well? Maybe it’s better to take a cab after all?

If you have these thoughts as well, this post is definitely for you! Because there is a short answer to everything, and it’s “Bimba for Pyrkon-goers” – an action prepared in cooperation with the Municipal Transport Authority in Poznan. With it, you’ll be able to travel peacefully by public transportation in Poznan and several surrounding towns for free! The action includes tram and bus rides, and you are entitled to a free ride while carrying a Pyrkon badge (the same one that allows you to enter the Convention grounds).

Is everything clear? Then take another look at the terms and conditions of the action, be sure you know everything and forget about the ticket problems!

Meanwhile, the Pyrkon Bimba has ventured into the world and you can look out for it while out and about in the city.

But if you want to make sure you don’t miss it, you can track it HERE.

Make sure to take lots of pictures with it and post them to your Instagram (and tag us of course)!

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Natalia Wieczorek

W chwilach wolnych od studentowania wymyśla nowe pomysły, co można by ze sobą zrobić, gdzie pojechać, jak dojechać i to wszystko (oczywiście) bez planu na "kiedy". Ale przecież czas się znajdzie, prawda?