Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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When can we start signing up? Otherwise known us we are opening registration for program events!

Pyrkon is getting closer and closer, and that means it’s high time to sign up for program events. If this is what you’ve been waiting for, fantastic. Because we are about to open registration!

Have you already perused the program? Selected the most interesting program events? Then get your calendars and set your reminders. We hereby present the registration opening dates!

Special Packages

Registration begins on May 13, 2024 at 5:00 pm and includes 5 tokens.

3-Day Passes and Early Birds

Registration begins on May 16, 2024 at 5:00 pm and includes:

  • early Birds passes – 3 tokens
  • passes purchased between 07.11.2023-14.02.2024 – 2 tokens
  • passes purchased between 15.02.2024-13.05.2024 – 1 token (while supplies last)
  • children’s passes purchased between 07.11.2023-14.02.2024 – 1 token
  • children’s passes purchased between 15.02.2024-13.05.2024 – 1 token (while supplies last)

I, for one, have a few more questions!

Now that you know the answer to the most pressing question, it’s time to move on to the others.

Why do I need all this registration?

The program’s events are really popular. So if you want to make sure there’s a spot there for you, it’s worth booking! This is what the tokens assigned to the ticket are for. Each token allows for one reservation.

Remember, however, booking your spot does not mean you can come late! If you show up later than 10 minutes before the lecture and the room is already full, you may lose the opportunity to participate in the selected program event!

But, but! Have you run out of tokens, but really want to participate in a program event? No worries! Only half of the seats are reserved. So if you come a little early and wait in line – you’ll have a chance to get in too!

How to properly register?

In addition to the barcode on your ticket, you will also find a 16-digit code that entitles you to reserve seats. Registration is done via                    
Just choose the right lecture and add it to the basket. Then you enter the code and finish “shopping.” 

You will find tickets for the program events of your choice in your email. Remember to bring them with you (in paper or electronic form) and show them before entering the lecture!

Attention! Once made, a reservation can no longer be undone!

Until when can I make a reservation?

Seat reservations close the day before. So, you can register for Friday’s lectures until 24:00 on Thursday, for Saturday’s lectures until 24:00 on Friday, and for Sunday’s lectures until the end of Saturday.

Which rooms are included in the reservation? 

  • Earth Hall
  • Large Auditorium
  • Small Auditorium
  • Science Room
  • Small Literature Room
  • Large Literature Room
  • Gaming Room
  • Manga and Anime Room 1
  • Manga and Anime Room 2
  • Manga and Anime Room 3
  • RPG Room 1
  • RPG Room 2
  • Film and TV Series Room 1
  • Film and TV Series Room 2
  • The Spire

The Masterclass Room and the Workshop Room are not rooms where you have to book spots, but separate registrations may apply for the program events taking place there!

Do you have any more questions? If so, be sure to take a look at BOOKING PLACES FOR LECTURES and our FAQ.

And if we answered all of them, see you there!

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W chwilach wolnych od studentowania wymyśla nowe pomysły, co można by ze sobą zrobić, gdzie pojechać, jak dojechać i to wszystko (oczywiście) bez planu na "kiedy". Ale przecież czas się znajdzie, prawda?