Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Pyrkon’s 20th edition moved to July 2-4, 2021

TL;DR All tickets purchased so far remain valid for the Pyrkon in July!

TL;DR 2 Due to the current situation, we are forced to close the Resting Space.

Dear Pyrkon-Goers

the unlucky year 2020 is over, but we will still be dealing with its consequences for some time. We are constantly following the situation in Poland and around the world and we hope that we will quickly go back to the futu… reality 🙂 

The spirit of Pyrkon and our eagerness to work on the convention is still strong among the organizers, but we are also realists, caring about the good and wellbeing of us all – the participants and the organizers alike. We do not make any decisions recklessly, instead we analyze a lot, we come up with plans to plans and of course we listen to your opinions. And there is something we already know today – it is impossible for Pyrkon to take place in May, we are forced to postpone the date of the event once again.

The new date for the 20th, jubilee edition of Pyrkon is July 2-4, 2021.

Don’t worry, all tickets purchased for the May edition will remain valid. 

We understand that the new date for Pyrkon may not suit everyone. That is why, you have 30 days (until 11.03.2021) to decide whether you would like to return your tickets:

We know that you have been waiting to visit Fantastic Meeting Spot once again for a long time, that you have your own plans and commitments. That’s why we made this decision as quickly as possible.

And lastly, one more crucial piece of information – we made a difficult decision regarding a necessary change. We are forced to close the Resting Space. We are not sure what sanitary regulations will be in force by July and whether they will allow us to prepare such a Space. We are letting you know right away, as soon as possible, so you can look for alternatives. To receive a refund for a spot in the Resting Space, please send an email to [email protected]

You can also keep your ticket for the Space as a form of support for us, and we’ll return the favor at Pyrkon and exchange it for a unique Pyrkon goodie! ! 🙂 

The heart of Pyrkon is its community, which for years has been surprising us with its passion, warmth and kindness. We are organizing this event for you, but today we are asking for your help. Let’s fight together and not let the Fantastic Meeting Spot disappear forever from the map of Poland. 

Stay healthy and may the force be with you!

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