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Yet another foreign guest for the Literature Section! Victoria Holmes at Pyrkon

Have you ever stopped to wonder who hides behind the pen name Erin Hunter and creates the famous Warriors series? At this year’s Pyrkon you will have the opportunity to find out, because Victoria Holmes – one of the authors of this series will be our guest.

Victoria Holmes as Erin Hunter

Vicky is the editor of the Warriors series, the first two volumes of which appeared on the Polish publishing market in 2004 as a release of Amber Publishing House. Currently the series is being published thanks to the Nowa Baśń Publishing House, which successively releases subsequent parts. Victoria Holmes creates the outline of the plot, is responsible for its continuity and overall coherence, and also thinks up the book titles, while the story is written by Kate and Cherith. The nickname “Erin Hunter” under which the Warriors series appears is also her very own idea.

Victoria Holmes in private

Born in the English county of Berkshire, she grew up on a farm, where she had been learning horse riding from the age of two. She studied English at the University of Oxford and after graduating took a year off to work around horses. She also briefly worked as an English teacher, but soon discovered that it was not her path, so she became the editor of Working Partners.

From a young age, she has loved to read and create her own stories, so it should not come as a surprise to anyone that she finally took this  up professionally. When she was a child, her family and friends used to call her “mouse”, and her name – according to the Warriors official website – was Mouse’s Paw.

Victoria will visit Pyrkon courtesy of Nowa Baśń Publishing House. You have to come to a meeting with her. Don’t forget to take your book for autographs during the autograph session!

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