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Strona główna » Fantasium Suburbium

Fantasium Suburbium

Fantastic universes

This exceptional hall is a space, where various fantastic universes join together to greet all visitors with open arms… And to draw them in.

Two words, one place, and abundance of emotions

Fantasium Suburbium wioski Pyrkon

If you want to discover new worlds, where reality is completely different from ours- well, then you’re in the right place. The Vikings will invite you to their table with pleasure, and tell you long stories about their battles and triumphs. The post-apocalyptic survivors will share with you everything they can, and a handful of caps will give you prestige. Maybe you’ll even meet the carefully hidden Elves, with whom it’s hard not to rejoice, even when Sauron is brought up. The Sailor Senshi will show you the kind of magic you didn’t know existed, and the Putty Patrollers… Ehem, Putties are something to see for your own self.Believe me, you won’t regret it.

The fantastic arena

And if you still haven’t had enough, then turn your eyes to the Arena. Every year it witnesses numerous struggles of great warriors, arms training, dance schools or fantasy sports events. Previous years brought us clashes of gigantic armors, Quidditch and Jugger matches, as well as the performances of Japanese idol groups. So what can you expect this year? Absolutely everything.


orzeł biały pyrkon fantastyka fantasy konwentCamp Eagle
Camp Eagle is a tactic zone connected with Marcin Przybyłek’s stories of the White Eagle series. Our scouts report there is a tent, a Dażbóg transporter mock-up, banners, ork heads, weapons and much more of climatic trifles! There are also subjects from homo sapiens species and (sometimes) homo viridans! We warn you that you will be visiting the camp at your own risk and responsibility, be aware that you expose your body and mind without orders and support… If you encounter suspicious bottles (with ork blood) or other utensils, you should avoid them and not prod them, just report to our scouts! Otherwise, the consequences can be terrible, terrible, terrible (have we already told you it can be terrible?). Well, you can’t say we didn’t warn you! March off and For the Glory of the Stronghold!