Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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A fantastic place to learn – What’s happening at the Workshop Zone?

It’s time to learn some new skills, showcase your interests to others, or just have a good time. As every year, the Workshop Zone will be as diverse as its visitors. The Wokshop Zone will house many great attractions, which will ensure that you will leave this year’s Pyrkon richer in new knowledge, and perhaps a passion.

A whole Pyrkon of possibilities!

In keeping with tradition, the Workshop Zone will not be limited to one hall. Its instances will be scattered throughout the convention – including Hall 5A, on the mezzanine floor of Hall 7, and outdoors. Quite a number of workshops will also be held as part of the Fans’ Initiatives Gord in Hall 3, including juggling classes or those touching on stress management topics. Movement workshops will be held there as well, including learning the basics of samba and capoeira.

Workshops for the little ones will be held in the Kids’ Zone. The youngest attendees will have the opportunity to make their own Mandalorian helmet, try their hand at a robotics class, go on a quest looking for Fantastic Animals with the University of Life Sciences, and play with origami.

Workshops at the Science Zone will open up the opportunity for you to program your own LEGO robot. The Demagog Association – guests of the Science Zone – will conduct a workshop on tracking harmful disinformation and fake news. You will also have the opportunity to participate in classes on the basics of sign language, and elements of savoir vivre towards deaf people.

The Workshop Zone will also feature a number of unique attractions not closely associated with any other Pyrkon venue. Here are some of them: Workshops at the Blacksmith’s – that is, a whole series of meetings with the traditional art of hand-forming metal, where you can acquire many unique skills! During those workshops you will learn, among other things, the basics of repoussage, which is the technique of decorating sheet metal products by hammering indentations into them, or the art of metal casting. You will also have the opportunity to make your own fibula, or see the process of forging the notorious Damascus steel.

During the workshop on painting patches, you will learn how to use stencils to create your own applications, or how to use the transfer technique. You will learn how to create layered compositions, and how to experiment with textures and colors. You will also learn how to select and combine colors, as well as how to use different painting techniques to achieve the desired effects.

Of course, you can expect many more attractions. Be sure to check out the Pyrkon lineup, where you will find many more workshops!

This year’s Workshop Zone will also host four voice actors who will conduct a class for you entitled “Learning to dub with the voices of your childhood“. The purpose of this attraction will be to learn the ins and outs of working with a microphone, as well as breathing exercises and improving diction. You will have the opportunity to prove yourself under the guidance of professional dubbing actors, some of whom you may associate with the voices of characters from your school years.

Secure a seat at selected attractions

Remember, most workshops require pre-registration! Classes that can be attended only by reserving a spot in advance are marked in the program by a vertical bar, located on the right side, with the label “workshops.” Remember that attractions marked in the above manner are not valid for registration with tokens.

Registration begins in early June. Follow our news carefully so that you don’t miss the opportunity and ensure your participation in the activities of your choice.

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