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Dmitrij Glukhovsky – the originator and author of the “Metro 2033 Universe” – will be a guest of the Literature Zone at Pyrkon 2023

There is no denying that the Literature Zone this year can be surprising. We are very pleased to announce that well-known Russian writer Dmitrij Glukhovsky will be joining the guest list at this year’s Fan Convention.

Dmitrij Glukhovsky – who is he? 

Dmitrij was born in 1979 in Moscow. He is not only a Russian writer, but also a journalist, war correspondent, columnist, radio host and TV presenter. He has worked for Euronews TV, Deutche Welle and Russia Today. He writes articles among others for Harper’s Bazaar, l’Officiel. Winner of the European Society for Science Fiction Award.

The author’s literary debut is the post-apocalyptic novel “Metro 2033,” which he wrote at the age of eighteen. In 2002 it was published on Dmitrij’s  website, where anyone interested could read it for free. In Poland Glukhovsky’s books (as well as others in the “Metro 2033 Universe” series) are published by Insignis Media.

The author’s first novel turned out to be a bestseller, reaching a circulation of several hundred thousand (in Poland more than two hundred thousand copies have been sold already!), while the rights to its translation have been sold to more than thirty countries. Computer games have been developed based on the plot of Glukhovsky’s books, and a Hollywood film adaptation of the novel is also planned. The world created by the author has developed into the international project “Metro 2033 Universe,” under whose banner authors from all over the world write and publish, following the rules set by the creator. In Poland, Paweł Majka, Robert J. Szmidt and Artur Chmielewski have created their novels as part of the “Universe”.

Dmitrij Glukhovsky – works 

Dmitrij Glukhovsky is the author not only of three novels from the “Metro 2033 Universe,” but also of more than a dozen other novels. His credits include the two-volume “Outpost” series as well as one-volume novels: “It’s getting darker”, “FUTU.RE” and a non-fantasy novel “Text”. His work also includes short stories and film scripts. 

We hope that, like us, you are already looking forward to meeting our guest. So… who’s coming to the Literature Zone?

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Martyna Halbiniak

Twierdzi, że nie śpi, bo sen jest świetnym substytutem kawy dla ludzi, którzy mają nadmiar wolnego czasu. Jest też zdania, że czekolada nie pyta - ona po prostu rozumie. Wieczna studentka z wrodzoną niechęcią do dorosłości, bo lubi się ze swoim wewnętrznym nerdem... tfu, dzieckiem. Z zapałem godnym lepszej sprawy przetwarza kawę na literki. Lubi rodzynki w serniczku i cynamon w jabłeczniku.