Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Fantastic initiatives

Guest speakers, lectures, concerts – you’ll find it all at Pyrkon and you know it. But are you aware that we have much more in stock for you? Because we work with all sorts of fantastic people and co-create all sorts of fantastic actions. It makes as really happy if you already know about it. And if you haven’t had a chance to hear about it yet – this post is for you!

Donate blood with the Pyrkon Blood Donor Club

Do you donate blood? Or do you really want to, but have never dared? Or something else stood in your way? In any case, the opportunity for your first, second, and every subsequent time is always with the Pyrkon Blood Donor Club! 

The Pyrkon Blood Donor Club has been an initiative associated with our convention since 2010, and for the past few years you can also meet them at friendly board game conventions. Their goal is to raise awareness and encourage all fantasy fans (and not only them!) to donate blood and sign up as bone marrow donors. The action is accompanied by RCKiK Poznań, Drużyna Szpiku and IFMSA-Poland.

Where to apply, you ask? It’s easy! There are blood donor buses standing in Plac Marka, and there you can donate blood and register as a potential bone marrow donor! And as a token of gratitude for your commitment and gift of blood and marrow, you will receive, among other things, the Pyrkon Blood Donor Club Deck 2! We invite you to participate in the action!

Wszystkie Zwierzęta Są Fantastyczne

Could anyone disagree with the statement that all animals are fantastic? Because we absolutely cannot! Especially since this is a fantastic campaign that has been bravely supporting pet foundations since 2022. The goal is simple – to introduce you to amazing initiatives and expand your overall awareness of various topics. This year we are partnering with the Labrador Foundation!

The Labrador Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind is a team of wonderful people who help the blind and visually impaired. But they are also spreading awareness about guide dogs. 

At Pyrkon you will be able to find them in the Science Zone and listen to their lecture on training assistance dogs. And if you would like to learn even more, you will meet volunteers at their booth who will be happy to tell you about the Foundation’s activities and answer your questions!

The “Fantastically Talented” competition

This unique event is aimed at writers who have only recently decided to start their writing adventure. Freshly published books from a variety of fantastic genres can compete for the jury’s attention and bring their authors a thrill – as contests tend to do!

This year at Pyrkon, the finals of the 1st edition of the Contest will be held, hosted by Karol Modzelewski! The comedian, screenwriter and creator of the popular online series “Newsy Bez Wirusa” will introduce you to the winning authors and their books at the awards gala. 

Save the date 15.06.2024 and the time 11:30, because that’s when you will be able to meet the winners of the competition and see the announcement of the results performed by Karol Modzelewski in the Large Auditorium! 

Now that you know about our fantastic initiatives, we hope you know about everything that awaits you at this year’s convention! And since this special date is fast approaching, we can only say – see you soon!

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