Fan Convention 13-15.06.2025 Poznan
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Joseph A. McCullough, Guest of the Board Games, Wargames and Card Games Zone, will unveil the tales from beyond the Frostgrave

Traversing obscure ruins, playing the role of a commander of a seasoned squad, exhilarating scenarios and a hint of competition – all this is combined in narrative skirmishes, or figure games in which you control the actions of a group of daredevils, represented by miniature models. Playing the role of the leader of such a team, you can explore mysterious places, fight other adventurers and, of course, gain a fortune and fame. This year’s Pyrkon will feature a person who knows as much as few others about games in the genre – he is, after all, the author of one of them.

Joseph A. McCullough – creator and enthusiast of fantasy war games, best known as the author of the Frostgrave series. He began his writing adventure by co-writing The Gray Mountains expansion for the Middle-Earth Role-Playing Game. An award-winner, his games such as the aforementioned Frostgrave, The Silver Bayonet and Oathmark are published by Osprey Wargames. He also has independent publications such as Rangers of Shadow Deep.

Meet the Frostgrave creator!

At Pyrkon you will be able to meet Joseph, get his autograph, listen to him talk about game development, and take part in a Frostgrave game with his participation at the Board Games, Wargames and Card Games Zone.

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