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The Masquerade is coming! And there will be some changes!

The Masquerade costume competition is, without a doubt, one of the essential events at Pyrkon. If you are looking forward to participating and presenting your costume, we have some important news!


Kurumi pyrkon maskarada 2019 grand prix
Magda “Kurumi Cos&Play” Orzechowska jako Alexstrasza z serii World of Warcraft

You will be interested in knowing that this year’s Masquerade will vary from its previous editions. As for what will be different, we limit the number of categories, increasing the competition’s prestige at the same time.

It is our great pleasure to announce that the winners of the  Masquerade 2022, both in the individual and group categories, will represent Poland in this year’s European Cosplay Gathering. This most significant European cosplay competition will take place in June, in Paris during Japan Expo!



This means that the “Own design” category known from previous editions will not be included in this year’s competition. All of those who would like to present their own costume ideas – fear not! We are preparing something special just for you! More details are coming soon.

Submissions will soon open!

This moment is awaited by many of you. We are here to ease your anticipation as the Masquerade submissions will go live on 1 march 2022! So stay tuned and follow our website and social media, so you don’t miss the announcement in this matter.

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