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Meeting the VTubing star: Miori Celesta at Pyrkon!

Very soon now, Pyrkon will host another unique figure from the world of VTubing – Miori Celesta. This independent VTuber has won the hearts of fans with her engaging streaming style and extraordinary musical talent, and you will soon be able to attend a meeting with her as part of the Manga and Anime Zone! There, she will talk more about his career, working in music and the daily reality of a VTuber.

Music that connects

Since her debut in 2020, Miori Celesta has gained immense popularity, attracting more than 450,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 6 million streams on Spotify for her music. She is best known for her amazing cover of the Kikuo song “Love Me, Love Me, Love Me,” which features her unique vocal arrangements and growls.

「Love Me, Love Me, Love Me」 / Kikuo (Covered by Miori Celesta)

CC lyrics are available! Listen on streaming services:—love-me-love-me-love-me So sorry this took so long! This was completely out of my vocal skill range, it took so long and it was such a struggle trying to sing the whole thing…

Participation in the virtual world

During her live broadcasts, Miori Celesta provides the audience with a veritable mix of content – from relaxing ASMR, to video games, karaoke, piano improvisation and casual conversation. Her streams are a real tour de force in the world of online entertainment.

She does not limit herself to streaming and singing. Miori Celesta is constantly expanding her portfolio as a sound engineer by participating in vocal tutorials and working with various VTubers and vocalists, including members of NIJISANJI and Hololive EN. She has also used her vocal skills in soundtracks for games such as Deemo II and Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

Mission: Sharing the joy

With a passion and love for streaming and music, Miori Celesta hopes to expand her reach and share the joys of VTubing with an even larger audience. Her enthusiasm and talent make every moment spent watching her streams an unforgettable adventure.

Get ready for a meeting that is sure to be memorable and be sure to visit her panel!

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