Fan Convention 13-15.06.2025 Poznan
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Patryk “Klockowizja” Ziętara to conduct a Master workshop at the LEGO Fan Zone.

Participating in the LEGO Masters is every LEGO lover’s biggest dream. In this arena, where passion meets challenge, only those who can truly show off their creativity, craftsmanship and poise can reach for the laurels of victory. This year’s galaxy of LEGO Fans Zone guests will include one person who took up the gauntlet thrown at them and emerged victorious, becoming a finalist in the second edition of the LEGO Masters. We are referring to Patryk “Klockowizja” Ziętara.

From a small raft and a shark, to a LEGO specialist

This remarkable journey began with one set – a small raft with a pirate and a shark. Today his collection has grown to gigantic proportions. Although bricks are a way of life for Patryk, he tries above all to inflict his optimism and freedom of expression on others. For the past three years he has been recording videos on the “Klockowizja” channel where he is watched by nearly 20,000 people. His contribution to building a community of LEGO fans is not limited to the Internet – Patryk travels all over the country, organizing workshops where amazing builds are created together with others. It also operates on a much larger scale, being co-organizer of “KLOCKON” – the largest event for Lego enthusiasts in POLAND, and an ambassador for the publishing houses issuing official Lego books and magazines. Using his knowledge and familiarity with the industry, Patryk has also opened his own LEGO parts store, where you can stock up on items to unleash your creativity.

What is Klockowizja planning to show us?

During this year’s Pyrkon, our guest will conduct a workshop in the LEGO Fans Zone, where you can feel like participants of a LEGO tournament. Patryk will show you how to look at his constructions with constructive criticism and how to accurately represent reality in your creations. Together with him, you will have the chance create your project and then use all the tricks and techniques to bring it to life.

Feeling motivated? Be sure to visit our guest’s social media for even more inspiration from the world of LEGO:

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