Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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The Science Zone will once again enchant you with its attractions! This is one you can’t miss, not for all the world! 

It has been known for a long time now that the line separating fantasy and science is surprisingly thin, and – from the right perspective – it can also be fluid. There is a place at Pyrkon where you will get to see it with the naked eye. The Science Zone, as it is referred to, also prepared a whole slew of attractions for Pyrkon attendees this year! This year’s Science Zone partner is WSB Merito Universities (formerly Higher Schools of Banking). So if you want to learn how to escape from fake news, what to do not to upset the deceased or expand your knowledge about the work of assistance dogs, then the Science Zone is a place for you! 

The partner of the Science Zone is WSB Merito Universities

(formerly Higher Schools of Banking)

Stars and their constellations in the Science Zone! 

If you think that a huge number of interesting program events await all participants in the Science Zone, then… you are right! This year, too, we have invited a formidable number of distinguished guests for you – scientists and science popularizers – who will impart their knowledge to you in an easy-to-understand way. Be assured that there will be no shortage of fascinating and engaging lectures that will answer your questions (including those you weren’t even aware of!).

This year’s guest list of the phenomenal Science Zone will include Professor Andrzej Dragan – author of two books and dozens of scientific articles, as well as an acclaimed and award-winning photographer, and creator of the photographic Dragan Effect.  Mikołaj Kołyszko, creator of the Religious Studies Podcast, will also appear again. In turn, David Myśliwiec, PhD creator of the Naukowy Bełkot channel, will touch on how to cancel a genius and what happens when scientists don’t like each other. 

The secrets of wartime urbex will be revealed by the creators of the portal – Krystian Machnik and Rafał Ambroziak – who know the Chernobyl sites as well as they do the back of their hands. Piotr Kosek, creator of the Astrofaza channel, will tell you about how the universe began (i.e. the Big Bang and alternative theories). And if you are interested in the ins and outs of a polar explorer’s work, we wholeheartedly invite you to the program events by Dagmara Bożek, who will be happy to give Pyrkon-goers a glimpse of the secret.

There will also be guest speakers in two Zones – not only the Science Zone, but also Literature Zone. One such person is Jaga Moder (you may know her from social media as Legendystka), who will say this and that about poisonous plants in folklore and legends in the Science Zone. The second one is Filip Taterka, PhD who will talk about magic in ancient Egypt in the Science Zone. 

In addition, thanks to a partnership with ZNAK Horyzont publishing house, three authors of historical books will appear at this year’s Pyrkon: Michael Morys-Twarowski, Tomasz Bonek and Jacek Radzymiński. Each of the guests will give a lecture in the Science Zone, and – you can be sure – the variety of topics they will cover in their program events will ensure that there is something of interest for everyone! 

We know… sounds intriguing! And it probably sounds terribly cliché, but – you can take our word for it! – This is actually the tip of the iceberg, as we have invited many more distinguished guests to this year’s Pyrkon. In turn, we have not listed them here only for the sake of lack of space and the fact that you can find them all on the sub-page with the published invited guests of this year’s Pyrkon Fan Convention! 

Many other attractions! 

The Science Station and Science Booths

The Science Station is already a permanent place on the map of the Science Zone. It is here that you can meet and talk with our invited guests and speakers – specialists from a wide variety of scientific branches. If after the lecture you are still bothered by various questions, and for some reason you did not ask them during the lecture, now you will have the perfect opportunity to exchange a few words with the presenter, dispelling your doubts and expanding your knowledge in the field of your interest. 

Right next to the Station you will find two science booths. One of them by Centrum Szyfrów Enigma – because its members will not only give two lectures in the Zone, but also want to prepare a place where they can, among other things, introduce you to figures who are commemorated in the history of cryptology. Stowarzyszenie Demagog, dedicated to fighting fake news, pervasive misinformation and providing us with reliable, unbiased and verified news, will also appear with its own booth. 

Copper Smelter

You probably remember it from last years and… yes, the Copper Smelter will also appear at this year’s Pyrkon to make a furore again! At the Copper Smelter, you’ll test yourself working in a mini-quarry, try smelting copper and bronze using a simple smelting furnace, and learn how to make copper jewelry that will please any real bling lover! 

Heweliusze Nauki and Science Busking

If you dream of being able to touch science and observe various scientific experiments with your own eyes, we have great news for you! This year’s Pyrkon will feature Heweliusze Nauki, who will conduct Science Busking demonstrations and two science shows in the Earth Hall.

Science Busking is the so-called Science Jugglery (busker is English for street artist, and jugglers, in turn, were, or even still are, itinerant artists who entertained the public with tricks that were considered magic). It’s easy to guess that in Science Busking, one of the most important elements of the show is to connect with the audience and invite them to participate. Heweliusze Nauki use simple props for their performances and perform easy experiments with the audience, which, however, can produce very interesting results. 

Accessible Pyrkon, or Pyrkon for everyone!

At this year’s Pyrkon – as part of the “Accessible Pyrkon” action – the Science Zone will take you on an educational journey, during which you will have a chance to look at the world through the eyes of people with disabilities. This is a unique opportunity to understand what challenges life presents and how incredibly creative and strong people coping with various disabilities really are. 

Waiting for you is not only alecture conducted by representatives of the Labrador Foundation, but also a workshop on sign language and deaf culture prepared in cooperation with Towarzystwo Osób Niesłyszących  “TON”. You also can’t miss the booth prepared by members of the Invisible Street. The Invisible Street is created by blind and visually impaired people, and it is them who guide all interested parties through the exhibition, introducing visitors to a world that can be explored with all senses… except sight. Invisible Street members are also preparing a “Performance in the Dark” entitled The Polynesian Woodpecker.

This you must see with your own eyes and feel for yourself! 

It must be said that the Science Zone – as every year! – guarantees a whole bunch of incredibly interesting and exciting program events for all attendees. It will have everything from fascinating lectures and panels, to scientific demonstrations, to opportunities to see the world from perspectives you haven’t had a chance to experience before. Not only that, but this year, for the first time, the Science Zone is high-fiving with the Workshop Zone and together they are preparing some really interesting workshops for you! 

So… Who’s coming with us to see for themselves that the line between fantasy and science is very thin and what distinguishes magic from different experiments is the knowledge you have?

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