Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Set foot in the Gord – a bunch of attractions will be waiting for you here!

What’s it like with this Fan Initiatives Gord? Are there any program events there at all? There sure are! Every year, the Zone invites more and more fantastic crews and initiatives, and as a result, there are more and more attractions to enjoy there too! Want to hear more about them? So continue reading – but before that, let’s take another look at the groups that will visit us this year.

The lucky twenty

This time in the Gord you will meet as many as 20 organizations from different corners of Poland and with different interests! From sword or hand-to-hand combat, to manga and anime, to the most (in)ordinary fantasy! Here they are:

  • Bykon
  • Fantastyczny UAM
  • UO Game Studies
  • Japońska Sztuka Kontaktowa
  • Jugger Rewolucja
  • Kapitularz
  • Klub Kregulec
  • Biblioteka Raczyńskich
  • Koło Naukowe HumanTech Wrocław
  • Liga fantasium
  • MFFA Animator
  • Poznańskie Grupy Narracyjne
  • RawiKon
  • Scarycon i wesoła kompanija Ścieżki Duchów
  • Stowarzyszenie Larpunk
  • Stowarzyszenie Mensa Polska
  • Stowarzyszenie Topory + Imaginarium RPG
  • Warsztaty Walki Larpowej
  • Brazilian Village

You can read more about each of the entities on the sub-site of the Fantastic Initiatives Gord. At the booths you will learn more about their initiatives, talk about a wide variety of topics, participate in games and activities prepared by them, and broaden your horizons with new experiences!

But what is it like with these attractions? Some of them you will find in the Pyrkon program and they take place at specific times, but some will only start when you visit a particular booth! Therefore, don’t be afraid to discover what the Gord has to offer.

In the meantime, take a look at a few of our selected attractions that are also worth looking at:

The Great Pillow Battle

Awaken your inner child and come in large numbers to have a pillow fight! Regardless of how old you are, this is an attraction for you.

The pillows are there – you just need the strength for battle and the desire to have fun!

Battles will be held 5 times, including 2 at the outdoor stage – there it is possible to enter with your own pillows, but they must be anti-allergenic ones. No feathers!


If you like LARPs or would like to try them – there will be a LARP Tent in the Gord, where sessions will be held all throughout Pyrkon. You will have the possibiliy to sign up for the LARPs at the booths of the groups running these games.

Kendo and Jukendo demonstrations

Wondering what Kendo, Jukendo, or short sword fighting technique (otherwise known as Tankendo) training is like? Or do you have a hankering to watch demonstrations of halberd combat, also known as Naginata? Or maybe the Ishu Jiai, or mixed weapon martial arts show seems more appealing to you? If so, you simply must come!

Once you’ve had enough of watching, it’s time to move into action and try your own hand at these martial arts. On this occasion, we invite you to a workshop on the basics of Kendo.


Do you miss the magic in everyday life? Or are you looking for sports challenges and healthy competition, but no sport appeals to you?

Find a workshop of the Polish Quadball League and discover a world that allows you to combine movement, friendships and travel!

Quadball (until recently Quidditch) is a coeducational sport inspired by the Harry Potter series. It combines elements of handball, rugby and dodgeball, and requires players to show agility and strategic thinking. Have you played team sports? Great! No? No problem, we will teach you everything!

Take part in the workshop, and when the weekend is over – join a local team (or create your own!).

Learning to howl like a werewolf

When the moon rises, let your inner wolf speak and drop by for a workshop on howling like a werewolf! They will take place at 1:00 a.m. at the outdoor stage on the night from Friday to Saturday. Awooo!

Fire dance workshop

Fire dancing is a hobby for everyone, and it doesn’t have to require setting yourself – or others – on fire at all! If you want to try this art, there will be a field available all the time in the Gord, where you will dance with practice versions of fire dancing equipment.

Demonstration of comet formation and aging

Do we have astronomers, astrophysicists, astrologers, and other astro-wizards here? Or are you just looking for an interesting attraction that will satisfy your hunger for knowledge? If so, you simply can’t miss this show. We will soon simulate celestial bodies moving through the planetary system, more specifically, the formation of the comet’s head and its tail, and demonstrate the “aging” of the comet and the changes occurring on it.

As you will see for yourself – it is not so difficult at all. All you need is your own kitchen and simple ingredients on hand.

Stress management workshops

Take part in those workshops to learn effective techniques for reducing tension. We will introduce you to the practical application of relaxation methods such as meditation, breathing exercises and mindfulness. The workshop will also include interactive elements such as simulation scenarios that will help you better understand your reactions to stress and learn new ways to control them.

So? Pyrkon is fast approaching, so we hope you will also visit the Gord this year, so that there will be something to remember years later!

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