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Strona główna » Blog » Program » Silver to shine once again in the Video Games Section!

Silver to shine once again in the Video Games Section!

During the previous edition of Pyrkon, her lectures were in pretty high demand. This year, Silver returns triumphantly to be an Invited Speaker in the Video Games Section!

What topics will Silver cover for you?

The Half-Life series and aesthetics.

Aesthetics or aisthetikos in Greek, meaning “sensitive”; a field in philosophy dealing with beauty. But can a catastrophe or a dystopian reality really arouse the senses and be a cause for reflection? Let the journey through the eyes of a young scientist help you decide.

The theme of power in Fallout: New Vegas

Four factions, four different visions of the future and one decision belonging to the player. Whose ideologies guided couriers, and which ones were the most appropriate from the point of view of reality?

What if they actually made Half-Life 3?

No, this dream does not come true. We can only hope. But since we’re fans and we do hope for that to happen, what would we expect from the series’ third installment? Ideas and discussion welcome!

How do games broaden your horizons?

There is a widespread opinion in the media that games can only do harm. Such an opinion, however, is harmful for the gamers’ community, as they are unable to speak openly and express what a wonderful passion games are for them. How to persuade those against electronic entertainment to take to our arguments and how do games really affect a person? Lecture in English.

What does our Speaker do for a living?

Silver, Pyrkon 2019, Festiwal Fantastyki Pyrkon
Photo by: Yumikasa Photography

Gamedec student at the UKW in Bydgoszcz by day, cosplayer, gamer and graphic designer by night. She wishes she could be a game and fantasy enthusiast for much longer than her age allows her to be. She loves exploring and creating stories and plots and is of the opinion that each universe has something extraordinary to offer. She is one to discover the uniqueness with great pleasure. She has been giving lectures at different conventions for several years now. She won’t boast about any great success of hers, but she strongly believes she’ll achieve it soon!


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Miłośnik starej trylogii SW i LOTR, który żałuje, że wciąż nikt nie nakręcił ekranizacji "Hobbita". Jego ukochany film SF to "Plan dziewięć z kosmosu". Motto życiowe: „jeszcze tylko jeden odcinek i biorę się za robotę”.