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We’ve launched the application form for The Masquerade! Don’t take too long, apply now!

The Masquerade is undoubtedly one of the main events at Pyrkon. If it is your dream to participate in the contest and show off your phenomenal costume in front of all the Pyrkon-goers, fill in the form below and apply!

The Masquerade? What is it?

Wyróżnienie 2018: Bomcyfikszyn

The Masquerade is a costume contest held on Saturday during Pyrkon at the Earth Hall. The participants’ task is to hand made a costume and present it on stage during the contest and in front of the jurors.

During the performance, you get the chance to become the character of your choosing or show the participants and the jurors your own design. There are obviously fantastic prizes waiting for the winners as well as statuettes created by Robert Tomak!

You can read more on the contest and the prizes in stock at The Masquerade’s subsite and in the  FAQ we prepared

Who can apply?

The Masquerade is a contest in which you can participate solo or in a group. Minors can also participate, however if you are not eighteen or older, remember you need a signed consent form from your parent or guardian!

If you are curious who won the previous editions of The Masquerade, take a peek at our j winners’ gallery. Maybe it’s you who will be joining them this year?!

And the 2019 Masquerade rules can be found here.

Grand Prix 2018: Kurumi

Don’t hesitate! Apply!

Want to participate in The Masquerade? Fill in an appropriate form.

If you want to perform solo, here is:

If you want to participate as a group, here is:

We will be accepting applications until 07.04.2019 at 23:59.

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