Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Try guessing who is about to visit Pyrkon once again! Yes, Peter V. Brett will appear at the Fan Convention once again!

It is with undisguised pleasure and great joy that we would like to announce the first Guest of the Literature Zone at Pyrkon 2024! It’s Peter V. Brett, author of the well-known and popular demon cycle.

Peter V. Brett – who is he?

Peter V. Brett is the author of the hugely popular demon cycle, the first volume of which – The Warded Man – was published in 2008. The demon cycle has sold in more than four million copies, translated into twenty-seven languages. It’s therefore safe to say that his novels are known all over the world. 

The demon series is set in a world where demons roam the earth at night, with the primary goal of attacking and murdering people. The only protection against them is provided by runic circles, magical artifacts and… a handful of people who are not afraid to face the monsters of the abyss.

The demon ycle consists of five novels (in Poland divided into two books each), as well as one stand-alone novel and three short stories. In Poland, the author’s novels are published by Fabryka Słów. 

Peter V. Brett in private 

Peter V. Brett studied at the University of Buffalo, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature and briefly studied art history. He ran a comic book store, and then worked for ten years in medical publishing, which is how – as he says today – he squandered the best decade of his life. 

Since childhood, he has been a fan of fantasy, comic books and role-playing games. Peter points out that his first significant read (one, you know, not school-related and devoid of pictures) was The Hobbit. As he maintains, this was one of the things that shaped him as a person and a writer.

Peter V. Brett at Pyrkon

Fans of the author probably remember very well that Peter V. Brett has already visited the Pyrkon Fan Convention to meet with his fans. This time, too, the author will participate in meetings with you and autograph copies of his book. That’s why you can’t miss it at Pyrkon 2024!

And until then, take a peek at the author’s social media:

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