Fan Convention 13-15.06.2025 Poznan
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Wilczek – specialists in trading card games at Pyrkon!

Trading card games were first introduced to the market in 1993 with the release of Magic: The Gathering. Since then, many other TCGs have been created, and the number of cards sold from various franchises is estimated in the tens of billions. Many novice players may be intimidated by the multitude of titles on the market and the entry threshold into the game. Fortunately, Pyrkon will have specialists on board, who have been helping both amateurs and professionals in their adventure with card games for many years – meaning the crew of the Wilczek store!

Meet the pirate pack!

Wilczek is a store  and a games room combined and it has been bringing card games fans together since the beginning of the second millennium, as it is the beating heart of the local TCG community, making it part of the colorful landscape of Poznan’s fantasy fandom. Our guests are the very people who have introduced an entire generation (one or many generations) of gamers to the game, and this year they will help us by co-creating the card gaming part of Pyrkon.

Stop for card games at Pyrkon

For this year’s installment of the Board Games, Wargames and Card Games Zone, we have prepared many TCG-related activities for you. For those who are brand new to the world of collectible card games and those who already play one but are considering learning another, the Wilczek team will give presentations and instruction for titles such as Magic: The Gathering, One Piece, Grand Archive and many others. More experienced players can try their hand at tournament games. The Wilczek crew ensures that there is something for every TCG fan in the Board Games, Wargames and Card Games Zone!

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