Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Young artists, let’s go! Or a few words about the Upcoming Artists Zone.

At Pyrkon we appreciate creative ideas and we want to give a chance for all artist to show them. Therefore, we decided to create a zone, where young artists will be able to present themselves.

While creating Pyrkon for you, we want to make sure that everyone feels that they have found themselves in a place where their fan energy will find the right place to give a vent. That is why we talk about many fascinating things in various program sections, we reward outstanding cosplayers, we find a place for fantastic encampments and, of course, for artists’ work. You have to admit that promoting fantasy through art is great. And among the fans there are many brilliant artists. You can find their works in Fantasium Creatium, which is our exhibition section.

What youth is used to, age remembers

Aleksandra Rostek

Wait a moment… Every genius once made the first steps and created first works, right? We will not leave these novice artists to their fate! Especially for them, a completely new space has been created in the exhibition section! The Upcoming Artists Zone is a very unusual place where we will exhibit works of people who can feel the creativity but have not yet had the opportunity to show their work to a wider audience.

Set design, pokemons and cosplay, or art has no boundaries

Kat Z. Javorsky

What can you find in this section? A huge variety of different things! The basic association with the word “art” is, of course painting, so the pictures will certainly present. And what do you say about paintings on wood? Interested? Please see works by Kat Z. Javorsky.

There is only one step from painting to photography, so if you enjoy looking at the world through the lens like Aleksandra Rostek, you will surely find common topics for conversation.

Do you prefer a written word and you think that you will not find anything interesting in the exhibitions? You are wrong! You will surely get some interest in the Eden initiative and their boards with text and graphics. We will not tell anything more, but it is something really great!

Theia Cosplay

Or maybe you prefer something more three-dimensional? You will certainly like paper models of Pokémon by Patryk or a  hand-made film set by Piotr Karol Grzesiak.

And finally, what would a convention be without cosplay? If you think so, talk to Theia Cosplay. Perhaps you will be able to get to know some of the secrets of the art of cosplay and see for yourself how the elements of the outfit are created.

You can read more about these amazing aspiring artists in the FantasiumCreatium tab.

Conversation is the key to success

Something aroused your interest? Excellent! Do not forget to add exhibitions to your Pyrkon agenda. And once you reach Upcoming Artists Zone, please remember that all the artists you meet, organize their exhibition for the first time in their lives! They can be a little bit anxious, so if you have a moment between the lecture and buying shirts, go ahead, just to talk and encourage them to create more works. As some old proverb says, be a hero at your own convention and with help of a few warm words, help promote the creativity of the fans.

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Jako dziecko zagubiła się w fantasy jak Alicja w Krainie Czarów i niczym Obieżyświat postanowiła zwiedzić wszystkie fantastyczne krainy. Kolekcjonuje książki jak Flash mandaty za prędkość. Optymistyczna jak Kłapouchy, energiczna jak Garfield z nutą gramatyki Yody. Nienawidzi zimna jak Anakin piasku, a pająki kocha równie mocno co Ron Wesley. Żeby przeczytać i obejrzeć wszystko co jej się marzy, musiałaby żyć tak długo, jak Legolas. Z tego powodu od wielu lat bezskutecznie próbuje zostać elfem. foto: Makove Love