Fan Convention 14.06.2024 Poznan
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Regulations of competitions and tournaments at the Pyrkon 2023 Fan Convention

      I.Organizer of the Competition

  1. The organizer of the Pyrkon 2023 Fan Convention (hereinafter referred to as: “Convention”) in Poznań, which will be held on 16-18.06.2023, is the Klub Fantastyki DRUGA ERA Association, based at ul. Kaliska 22A/23, 61-131 Poznań,(hereinafter referred to as: “Convention Organizer”). In particular, the Convention Organizer is represented by the Competition and Auditorium Specialist, the Art Director and other volunteers (specialists, gophers, collaborators) performing their tasks and duties in the Convention.
  2. Competitions and tournaments (hereinafter referred to as: “Competition”) – means the program events of the Convention , during which Participants compete among themselves for material prizes.
  3. The following are considered to be Competitions:
    • Program events, which can be carried out only on the territory of the Convention;
    • program events that are based on competition, which provides the opportunity to determine the winner and win a material prize;
    • program events that do not include random elements, including, but not limited to, elements such as: selection of participants, selection of winners, allocation of points, allocation of prizes and others, depending on the program event;
  4. Speaker(s) (hereinafter referred to as: “Host(s)”) – is a person or group of persons who are responsible for the preparation of the content and conduct of the Competition, in accordance with the rules of these Regulations and the recommendations of the Competition and Auditorium Specialist.

II. Rules of competitions and cooperation with the Host

  1. The Competition is open to Convention Participants, with the exception of those excluded by the Convention Organizer, i.e.:
    • volunteers working for the Convention who are currently on duty;
    • The Hosts of this competition, 
    • persons directly involved in the organization, preparation and conduct of the Competition.
  1. Participants can take part in the Competition individually or by getting into groups, in accordance with the form of the Competition determined in advance by the Host.
  2. The subject matter and manner of the Competition must not hurt or offend anyone due to: disability, race, origin, age, worldview, sexual orientation, national/ethnic/political/religious affiliation or irreligiousness.
  3. The Competition cannot:
    • promote and encourage the behaviors mentioned above,
    • promote a totalitarian regime and incite hatred,
    • contain content intended for adults, unless the Host has stipulated such information in advance and communicated it to the Convention Organizer, and the latter has agreed to this content in the program,
    • exceed the predetermined time, and if necessary, you must immediately inform the Convention Organizer.
  1. The Host undertakes to:
    • maintain sobriety while conducting the Competition,
    • confirm in person the readiness to conduct the Competition with the Convention Organizer no later than one hour before the scheduled date of the Competition,
    • send the finished script of the Competition no later than 21 days before the start of the Convention (i.e., no later than the end of 25.05.2023) by email to the Convention Organizer, his representative or general address: [email protected].
  1. In the event that the Host fails to confirm his readiness to conduct the Competition, the Convention Organizer reserves the right to attempt to obtain such confirmation through direct telephone contact with the Host.
  2. In the event that it is not possible to obtain confirmation of readiness from the Host up to one hour before the scheduled start time of the Competition, the Convention Organizer has the right to cancel this Competition and insert another program event in its place, recognizing that the Host has abandoned the Competition and the discount for Hosts he is entitled to due to being a Host.
  3. In all contentious situations and things not included in the regulations, the Convention organizer reserves the right to decide.

III. Prizes

  1. Prizes in the Competition are prizes previously prepared by the Convention Organizer. These prizes assigned authoritatively are and are not exchangeable or convertible. 
  2. For the collection of prizes in kind, the Host reports with an official document proving identity: identity card, passport, driver’s license, school/student ID card.
  3. The receipt and transfer of prizes in kind to the winner shall be confirmed each time by the signature of the person issuing the prizes and the persons receiving the prizes, on the document prepared and provided by the Convention Organizer.
  4. The distribution of in-kind prizes for each Competition is determined by the Convention Organizer, and the Host distributes the awarded number of prizes to the winners of the Competition (in accordance with the guidelines of the Convention Organizer). In the event that the Competition provides for one winner, the entire prize pool goes to one winner/one team of winners.
  5. The Host is obliged to complete and hand over the competition form and the document confirming the transfer of prizes in kind to the winner of the Competition, together with the required signatures at the Convention Office. A set of documents will be handed over to the Host during the procedure of issuing material prizes.
  6. In individual competitions the first three places are awarded, and in group competitions only the first place is awarded. The Convention organizer reserves the right to change these instructions individually for each Competition.
  7. Neither the Host nor the Organizer of the Convention interferes with the distribution of the winnings among the participants of the Competition, after the issuance of material prizes and the signing of documents. They can only suggest the division, but the final decision always belongs to the awarded participants.
  8. The Host is obliged to transfer all unused material prizes back to the Convention Office.

IV. Final provisions

  1. Inappropriate behavior of the Host may be grounds for interruption of the Competition by the Convention Organizer or another Volunteer. In extreme cases, it can be a reason for expelling the Host from the Convention area. Inappropriate behavior is considered to include:
    • violation of the principles of apoliticism, restrictions on the content of the competition despite the absence of such content in the outline,
    • encouraging and promoting adult content, despite the absence of such content in the handout,
    • encouraging and promoting behavior that excludes and/or stigmatizes people for the reasons listed in Section II.c of these regulations,
    • others not mentioned in the above, which will be considered a violation or breach of the rules of the Pyrkon Fan Convention.

Ignorantia legis non excusatignorance of these rules and regulations is not an excuse or reason for non-compliance.