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The AMU Faculty of English’s patronage

Pyrkon is a Fantastic Meeting Spot for everybody, no matter what language they speak! That’s why we want for the program events in English to be even better and more elaborate. Last year the Faculty of English of the Adam Mickiewicz University, that agreed to become patron of the English program events, will help us achieve that goal!

pyrkon patronat program anglojęzyczny Wydział Anglistyki UAM

Faculty activities at Pyrkon

Thanks to cooperation with the university in Poznań you may expect many a fantastic activity! The employees and doctoral students of the AMU Faculty of English will prepare a number of program events for you, during which they will discuss a great deal of subjects that will amaze you. Science-fiction, magical creatures in literature, popular games, blockbuster movies – those speakers will tackle any topic! You will surely be able to get answers to a whole lot of questions on modern culture from them.

Together with the AMU Faculty of English, we also prepared something special for the role-playing games’ enthusiasts. It’s a WARGs: WA Roleplaying Geeks stand. There, you will have the chance to become a part of fascinating stories, full of plot twists and unforgettable adventures – all this under the watchful eyes of Game Masters, speaking fluent and, surely, flowery, English 🙂

Lectures by the employees, PhD students and undergraduates of the Faculty of English at Pyrkon 2019:

1. Professor Radosław Dylewski, PhD, Zuzanna Witt


2. Agnieszka Zajączkowska, MA

Harry Potter and Intertextuality

3. Malwina Wiśniewska, MA, Agnieszka Zajączkowska, MA

Languages of the Middle Earth: The Origins

4. Malwina Wiśniewska, MA, Agnieszka Zajączkowska, MA

Habent sua fata libelli: On medieval manuscripts

5. Izabela Tomczak, MA

That time isekai got reincarnated as an anime genre

6. Krystyna Kułak, MA

Do you speak Common? Making sense of languages and communication in sci-fi and fantasy