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Who goes to a convention and doesn’t think about contests? – or how to find the Contests Zone

The answer to the question posed in the title is not clear.
The Contest Zone at Pyrkon is not really one place. You won’t find all the contests in one room. Well! Some of them do not take place in a room at all! However, they all have one principle in common-your knowledge and skills are the bargaining chip, and only they can ensure your victory!

Plan your own route to victory and create your own contest map!

Wandering around the grounds of the Pyrkon Fan Convention, you will be able to come across more than a dozen zones varying in theme and size. However, where to look for contests, you ask?

You can start your journey at the PCC Hall, which is stuffed to the brim with interesting attractions. If you’re hunting for contests, your best bet is to head there on Saturday. It is on this day that both the “Genshin Knowledge Contest” and the notorious “Ryjówka” will be held there, as well as the “The Harry Potter Universe: Tri-magic Tournament Knowledge Contest.” Players of LoL, on the other hand, may want to visit there on Sunday, when the “LCS: LoL Curious Skullbreaker  Vol. 2” will take place. On Level 0 you’ll find the LEGO Fan Zone, with booths such as “HistoryLand” or “Bricks & Figs” and “LET’s GO build!” with their own quests. One floor up are the Program Rooms filled to the brim with talks and knowledge contests!

Then it is worth walking towards the neighboring “four-pack”, that is, halls 7, 7A, 8 and 8A. It is in hall 7 that you will find many opportunities to win prizes. You can visit the Manga and Anime room first. Then take a look at their Mini Zones, adding RPG tables and Friday’s contest session, the “Dice Royale.” Later, you can head to Hall 7A, where the Gaming Zone and tournaments will be waiting for you!

On the way to Hall 3A, you must also take a look at Hall 6AB. There you will find plenty of opportunities to participate in a tournament with prizes at the tables where we play card games.

Pyrkon 2023 will also feature the famous Dwarf Song Contest, for which it is worth reserving time on Friday late in the evening.

Lastly (or maybe in  the first place?) you should visit Hall 3a where you will find the Integration Zone, and there, among other things, musical games. DDR, Just Dance, Ultrastar, SDVX and Chunithm tournaments, among others, are waiting for you there! In addition, the second edition of Pyrkon’s Suchar King and the Pyrkon Talent Show will be held on Saturday!

PS. The vouchers you can receive as prizes only work at this year’s Pyrkon! Don’t forget to use them!

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